Hiya Caller ID and Block App Reviews

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I downloaded this yesterday, and it accurately identified a spam, but today, when I got a spam call, and tried to identify it, the app got stuck in searching, searching, searching, searching and I cannot get it to stop and reset.

4 stars. Love this app. But it would be 5 stars if I still didn't get voicemails.

Does this app stop unknown callers or how does this app work?

The only feature of this app that has ever worked for me is AFTER I have received a call I can copy the number and open the hiya app and it will tell me if it suspects the caller is scam or spam. In iOS 10.2 I have set the Phone settings to use Hiya as a call blocker, and in Hiya I have set the settings to send both spam and scam calls to voicemail. I have given Hiya all of the permissions it has requested. But it hasn't once blocked or forwarded any call to voicemail. Frustrating.

Does anyone know if Hiya is supposed to actually identify and/or block incoming calls with iOS 10.1.1? I had read that earlier releases didn't correctly provide the handoff to hiya, but I thought by 10.1 that was supposed to be fixed?

I've tried to install this twice now. Still doesn't work at notifying me of spam calls. Pretty much useless as it doesn't do as advertised. Will spend up to $10 for an app that REALLY works!

Would not recommend this app. Does not block spam spoofed or telemarketing calls. DOES allow you to block calls after the fact. DOES allow a reversed look up of the number which is 100% spoofed 100% of the time. Why would I use an app to block calls after the fact when Iphone will do this in the contacts list functionality with little effort. I want an app that blocks the spam spoofed and telemarketing calls period. Back to the drawing board for you Apple.

Great App

As part of a complete cyber profile this is the Best on the market for iphone.

Must read - Very Bad

This app collects tons of your information and shares it. It collect info from your social media, puts cookies in your email, ect. Read the privacy policy before creating an account. Its unbelievable.

App log-in doesnt work

After creating an account and logging back in the app tells me my email and/or password is wrong. But they are correct. It keeps giving me this message. When I try to contact the developer there is no phone number or email on their website. Infuriating!

Scam to get your number

After signing in on this app, I began receiving several scam phone calls every day. I removed the app but, of course, the calls continue. This is just a ploy to get your phone number. Beware!

Takes some of the worry out of answering the phone.

This app has saved me from scams and other calls I didnt want to answer. So far its been great! Recommended to everyone!

Great app!

I use this app on multiple cell phones to stop time wasting calls. I love it and hope it continues to be a spot on app.

What Happened????

When I used this app on my Galaxy S5 it worked like a charm. Now that I have switched to an iPhone6, it doesnt work as a caller id. I can still do searches, but other than that it doesnt tell me who is calling. Actually, it doesnt tell me anything. As for a widget, I havent found a widget like it states in the FAQs under settings. This app was a 5, now Im not sure if its even worth keeping.


Junk want app off want work


Absolutely worthless app. Blocked numbers keep calling anyway


This works no better than blocking calls yourself. It only blocks numbers you tell it too even if number has 40 reports of spam

A successful app

I put this app in about two weeks ago and all the on wanted calls stopped coming in until today. I got a call from a company that told me they could help me out with my student loan. I am 72 and have no student loans nor did I ever. I reported The coal to Hiya and hopefully that company will be stopped from bothering other people as well as me. We all have to put a stop to these frustrating wastes of our time and horrible scams that take advantage of people. Thank you Hiya for doing your part.

What does this app do?

I have had this app installed for a couple weeks and havent noticed any calls being blocked. The look up number feature is nice but most times Hiya says the number has no complaints but I KNOW its spam on other users comments say the same. Also, its too hard to add multiple phone numbers to Hiya blacklist. I have a contact on my IPhone called "BS Callers". I want to import the entire contact but I cant. I have to import 1 by 1. Still looking for a good app for spam phone call blocking.

This app needs work

Its not blocking any calls. Its letting them through and I have to add them to a blacklist. What do I need the app for?

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