Hiya Caller ID and Block App Reviews

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I downloaded this app and I a not sure it worked at all. After the first few days it just disappeared even though the icon was still on my phone. I get at east 50 unknown calls a day and this app did not pick up on any of them.

It doesn’t do as good a job as advertised. Scam calls are still bothering me and are not blocked. I’m wondering why I’m getting even more scam calls than before!

cricket recommended this,i downloaded it and within minutes it blocked 2 spam call.great!

For over a month now, I have been receiving texts as well as phone calls from telemarketers. I downloaded Hiya yesterday. I went from 10 phone calls a day, down to 1. YES, 1!! It has been so nice. I highly recommend this app.

Hiya app is a joke! I block calls but those blocked still get through. All they have to do is call 3 times in a row and the third call goes through don’t bother with this app

on phone pad said flagged by hiya and a bunch of forign names came up between no driving app and people cal then disconnected and missed calls not sure which is messing up i do my business hope i don't lose good customers

Hiya sucks. It lets blocked calls through and some of the callers are able to leave stupid voice mails. It also shows in "activity" that I am making outgoing calls to some of these callers. NOT!!! Many times when it shows I have called one at a certain time, I have actually been on the phone chatting with friends or family

Well. the App seems to work..to a point I was getting 1-2 random calls & robo calls a day. Installed the app and it identified them. I've only had this app installed one day now, and my incomming calls went from 1-3 a day, to so far..10 today. 2 of which were people claiming they just missed a call from me. So i'm really starting to wonder if this app works, or if there's a problem and it's actually causing more calls to go through and more 'false positives' to get blocked.

I downloaded this yesterday, and it accurately identified a spam, but today, when I got a spam call, and tried to identify it, the app got stuck in searching, searching, searching, searching and I cannot get it to stop and reset.

4 stars. Love this app. But it would be 5 stars if I still didn't get voicemails.

Does this app stop unknown callers or how does this app work?

The only feature of this app that has ever worked for me is AFTER I have received a call I can copy the number and open the hiya app and it will tell me if it suspects the caller is scam or spam. In iOS 10.2 I have set the Phone settings to use Hiya as a call blocker, and in Hiya I have set the settings to send both spam and scam calls to voicemail. I have given Hiya all of the permissions it has requested. But it hasn't once blocked or forwarded any call to voicemail. Frustrating.

Does anyone know if Hiya is supposed to actually identify and/or block incoming calls with iOS 10.1.1? I had read that earlier releases didn't correctly provide the handoff to hiya, but I thought by 10.1 that was supposed to be fixed?

I've tried to install this twice now. Still doesn't work at notifying me of spam calls. Pretty much useless as it doesn't do as advertised. Will spend up to $10 for an app that REALLY works!

Would not recommend this app. Does not block spam spoofed or telemarketing calls. DOES allow you to block calls after the fact. DOES allow a reversed look up of the number which is 100% spoofed 100% of the time. Why would I use an app to block calls after the fact when Iphone will do this in the contacts list functionality with little effort. I want an app that blocks the spam spoofed and telemarketing calls period. Back to the drawing board for you Apple.


Doesnt really tell me if they are using a voip. I tested with my own text app number

Much promise, but...

This app says it will warn about incoming scam/spam calls in their database, but its not happening. Only the ones I myself have marked. Maybe Im doing something wrong...

Works just OK

Lets more calls through than notes as spam. I still get a lot of junk call

It does a decent job

I like the fact most of the numbers that call. I look up majority of the time. I also like that I can block a number from calling me. I dont answer calls I dont know. Ill look them up after they call on HiYa 1st. Then go from there..

Great Idea, In Theory

Hiya is a great idea, but the app needs serious work. There is currently no way to mark a number as "not spam." If there is, its very difficult to find and the developers site doesnt help. Also, theres just a huge list of flagged numbers as opposed to a recent call list. Deleting the app because of these issues, but would happily download a better executed version.

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