Hiya Caller ID and Block App Reviews

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Easy to Set Up and Use

When I went to look up an unknown number, I found and installed the app. Its very easy to set up and use. Anything to rid the world of unwanted calls, is a great service. Ive only put one number in so will be interested to see results over time.


After daily spam calls some looking very legit I finally found this app and after one use I realized how great it is...I can now take the uncertainty out of whether the call is from a friend or telemarketer....plus with the election coming up unwelcome "will you vote for me " calls will be identified...thank you ....


Its everything its cracked up to be

Great App

This app is great it does exactly what it says. It blocks thousands of scam callers and telemarketers and fraud Alerts. I personally love this app and think everyone should try it out at least and see what a difference it will make.

Love this app!

Saves so much time with all the spam callers!

Saves wasted time.

Avoid unnecessary calls, sales/opinion/cold call people from interrupting your day. Learn who is calling and deal with them quickly, and if you want permanently. Great app.


Very useful app..Now I can block those unwanted scam numbers

Great app

Convenient and it works!

Great app!

Works perfectly every time!!!!

Cant get an account to even use it so far

I would like to use it. I go to set up an account with my email and nothing happens. Uninstalled twice so far.

Wonderful App!!!

This phone call, phone number identifier app is wonderful!! If you receive spam calls or simply wish to identify a phone number, download this app. It immediately identifies spam callers, and allows you to block and report them. One of my favorite apps for sure!!

Great app idea, but major bugs

If this app actually worked, it would be awesome! Unfortunately, Ive had trouble logging in, getting it setup, keeping it setup, getting the numbers, updating the numbers, mixing with the Spam contact I had been keeping previously, and at one point I ended up having to delete those 2,000 unique spam numbers from my Blocked list manually. The app has a great visual design, but needs some serious updating. The last update appears to be about 8 months ago at this point, so it seems they have a lot of catching up to do to make this app relevant again.

wonderful app

every suspected entry has a community supported reason, and blacklisting is under my control.

I love it but sometimes its picks up calls a little late.

This app has saved me loads of time because it automatically lets me know whats spam and the caller id is for the most part pretty accurate except I have seen a couple of interesting mishaps in which it pulled a name of one of my Facebook friends and his pic showed up with her name and number..but whatever ...for free I have more positive than negative to say yall check it out!!!

Eliminated 100% of spammers calling

And has a great tool to look up unknown calls


One of the issues is that the app over simplifies the provider info. When I searched a Textfree number to test it out, the app only showed the provider as "bandwidth." On the mobile web and regular site, it shows "VoIP-Pinger" so I know its a textfree number. Thats important for my business making risk management decisions, need to know if the number is "real" or from a free texting app.

A Must Have App for every iPhone user.

Lets you find out who called and if the number is legit or not. Usually has the name of person calling and area called supposedly came from.

White Pages ID

I love everything about this app!Does everything it says I would recommend this.

Great idea, poor results

When I installed this, it created a Blacklisted and a Suspected Spam entry in my Contacts. When I get calls from unknown numbers, I expected that WhitepagesID would warn me in some way, like they show in the App Store images, but I have never seen it. If I copy the unknown number and open WhitepagesID, it ask if I want to check the number and then 80% of the time tells me it is a reported SPAM number and lets me blacklist it. I was expecting it to warn me as the call was coming in. I guess that I misunderstood and it is just a lookup service. Still useful, but less than what I expected.

Very Secure

It lets me know who is Spam!

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