Hiya Caller ID and Block App Reviews

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Ooooo em gee

I absolutely love this app, where have I been. App immediately looked up spam calls and I looked up caller source and blocked those pests!

Great app

The easier way to steam down unwanted calls

Call protection does not work

Have to always let the call to voicemail and look it up afterwards. Usually a scam or fraud but call protection doesnt identify.


Does all they say and more...


If I had known that by downloading this app I would receive 50 junk emails per day, I never wouldve installed it.

Excellent App of All Free Apps

This app has allowed me to better filter unsolicited calls. I changed my number a couple weeks ago because I relocated and I wanted avoid so many unwanted calls. I sill get unwanted calls, but this app allows me to see what callers have been reported as "Scam/Spam" and I can put numbers on a Blacklist.

Very useful app!

This app is very useful to anyone who is looking to identify the caller by looking up phone number for Caller ID information. I it way better than the apps that compete against it.

It does a good job

It does a good job of letting me know when its spam but it flagged a text today as spam but the text wasnt spam and I cant get it to change that. If they fix that I would rate them a 5 but until then only a 3. Upping rating to five stars found a way to change texts that are marked spam but arent. Its now everything I need and want.

So far so good.Blocking calls to my Home phone

I am using in conjunction with my Xfinity Connect app. I use ☎️Xfinity Voice for home voice service, which is the phone# where the majority of spam calls go, and I have the Xfinity Connect app on my


I love how I can enter a callers # that I didnt answer, and immediately see reports from people who did answer and what happened and why they regret answering. Then I can blacklist the # with one tap! I still get a few calls from already blacklisted and I dont know why.


The app is super convenient to use. You just copy the number from call log and the app detects it and asks if you would like to identify the number then the info shows right up!

Love this app!

Does the job

Quickly identified as fraud an unknown number that has been calling relentlessly and not leaving a message. Blocked. Nice!


Real, usable caller ID for iOS, no weird, crowd sourced, "get all your friends to join too" nonsense. Plus great spam protection and reverse phone lookup. Nice! Love the new look and name - and especially all the color!


Ive been waiting for an app like his for a while. I can look up any number and get a name almost every time. And the automatic scam warnings have saved me many times. A must have!!


Only one word to describe this app. Awesome!!!

Best of the Reverse Number Apps

This app is undoubtedly the best of all the reverse number search apps available. At least the ones that I have tried, including Intelius, whitepages, been verified and a ton more.

Excellent App

I was suggested this app about six months ago or so. I gotta say that I love it! Its super easy and very user friendly. I highly recommended. ;)

Pretty awesome

Surprised to find that It does work pretty accurate

The real deal

I hope they never make us pay $20 to look up a phone number like they do online. You know, when you see a strange # on your phone bill? You can look it up here, and it comes up. Just like that. Ive been looking for this free access for 15 years. Since I had dial-up on a clunky desktop.

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