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Hiya Caller ID and Block app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 4064 ratings )
Utilities Productivity
Current version: 4.4, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 29 Jul 2015
App size: 71.74 Mb

Best call blocker and caller ID lookup for iOS10. Hiya identifies the important calls you want to take and blocks numbers that you want to avoid.


• World’s most advanced phone spam protection engine. Identifies and blocks robocalls, telemarketers, debt collectors and fraud calls like IRS scam.

• Call Blocker: Create your own personalized block list. Add any number or pick a contact from your address book and Hiya will block all calls

• Caller ID: Identify calls from people you want to talk to and from friends who aren’t in your phone book. Know the calls from your doctor and colleagues and recognize important calls from someone trying to get in touch.

• Unknown Callers: Identify unknown spam callers in real-time so you always know who’s calling.

• Security: Automatic alerts warn you if an incoming call is spam, scam, telemarketer, debt collector, or spyware. Easily report spam and scam callers

• Reverse phone lookup / Reverse phone search: Perform a reverse phone lookup on incoming calls to find out if it is spam, scam, malware, a virus threat, adware, or spyware.

• Better Contacts: Add names and addresses from Hiya to your phone book contacts to keep them accurate, complete, and current.


The Wall Street Journal
TIME Magazine - "Top 10 App"
CBS Evening News
Fierce Wireless
VentureBeat - "Future of smartphone calling"
USA Today
Huffington Post - "Caller ID on steroids"


Instagram: instagram/hiyainc

Hiya Caller ID & Call Block (formerly Whitepages Caller ID & Security Call Blocker) is brought to you by Hiya Inc. Utilizing the power of the Hiya database that has hundreds of millions of phone numbers, you’ll know the true caller behind more calls. Hiya is committed to delivering best in class free security, caller ID, call block, spam & virus protection.

Pros and cons of Hiya Caller ID and Block app for iPhone and iPad

Hiya Caller ID and Block app good for

For over a month now, I have been receiving texts as well as phone calls from telemarketers. I downloaded Hiya yesterday. I went from 10 phone calls a day, down to 1. YES, 1!! It has been so nice. I highly recommend this app.
I like the fact most of the numbers that call. I look up majority of the time. I also like that I can block a number from calling me. I dont answer calls I dont know. Ill look them up after they call on HiYa 1st. Then go from there..
I get calls many times a day and sometimes I dont know who it is, this app works so well to not answer those unwanted calls.
I dont know how I lived without this app. As an old southern woman, I find it almost impossible to be rude, and Hiya allows me to block spammers with a clear conscience.
Works well to blacklist a number if you had a call from people you dont want. And good to warn others about
Nice to identify spam callers but you need to start blocking the calls. Phone still rings and it tells you the number is blacklisted. We want to BLOCK the calls too!

Some bad moments

It doesn’t do as good a job as advertised. Scam calls are still bothering me and are not blocked. I’m wondering why I’m getting even more scam calls than before!
cricket recommended this,i downloaded it and within minutes it blocked 2 spam call.great!
Hiya app is a joke! I block calls but those blocked still get through. All they have to do is call 3 times in a row and the third call goes through don’t bother with this app
Hiya sucks. It lets blocked calls through and some of the callers are able to leave stupid voice mails. It also shows in "activity" that I am making outgoing calls to some of these callers. NOT!!! Many times when it shows I have called one at a certain time, I have actually been on the phone chatting with friends or family
Well. the App seems to a point I was getting 1-2 random calls & robo calls a day. Installed the app and it identified them. I've only had this app installed one day now, and my incomming calls went from 1-3 a day, to so far..10 today. 2 of which were people claiming they just missed a call from me. So i'm really starting to wonder if this app works, or if there's a problem and it's actually causing more calls to go through and more 'false positives' to get blocked.
I downloaded this yesterday, and it accurately identified a spam, but today, when I got a spam call, and tried to identify it, the app got stuck in searching, searching, searching, searching and I cannot get it to stop and reset.

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