Hiya Caller ID and Block App Reviews

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Great app for identifying numbers and spam

Fully five stars

I dont know how I lived without this app. As an old southern woman, I find it almost impossible to be rude, and Hiya allows me to block spammers with a clear conscience.

Missing major point!

I already can recognize the numbers that are spam or harassment. But this app should keep those numbers from calling me. Whats the point of labeling black list when I already know the number. I just want them to stop calling.


I used the app for some time, great job, but I suddenly noticed Hiya stopped responding I could not use it unless closed and opened it several times in a row, could not copy and paste the number, besides last time Hiya blocked an ability to call anyone, froze the keypad functionality even after the app was uninstalled. I had to restore my iPhone 6s. Sorry guys, I need my phone fully operational.

Good ID feature, poor filtering

The quick ID feature is great but the call filtering and blocking is unreliable and the way it adds a new contact entry for ever spam number it finds is very annoying. Why not just group them into one contact? I turned that feature off.

Do the job they made the app for

Works well to blacklist a number if you had a call from people you dont want. And good to warn others about

No more spammers

The best

OK, but with issues

(1) Hiya does not warn me of a scam call if i have not already added it to the blocked number list in app. (2) copy/pasting numbers from phone app to Hiya does not work unless i kill all the other apps running and restart Hiya. (I have an iPhone 6.)

Hiya caller id blocker

Not very happy ! I delete the app and still got these spam numbers in my iPhone ,,still can take them off!! I need to remove them ! From my phone , please help!! Thanks

First go to your contacts list and search for "SPAM" you should find an entry for Suspected SPAM or SPAM or something similar. Get rid of that. Then go into your Settings --> phone --> Call Blocking & Identification. Delete the entries that are in there. *note that if you had anything manually you will need to leave them as is, or re-add them.

Needs aBlocker

Nice to identify spam callers but you need to start blocking the calls. Phone still rings and it tells you the number is blacklisted. We want to BLOCK the calls too!


Used the app for one week and it was ok at first. Then when I started marking calls as spam, it totally froze up the phone screen and I could not make calls, see recent calls or get voicemail messages through that screen. I reset back to factory settings twice and it still did not bring back the phone app (total blank screen when I hit it) and I lost my deceased fathers voice messages, notes and texts.

Very informational, fast easy to use problem solver

Great for weeding out telemarketers and people you actually need to talk to! Great that you can leave comments on your experience with the number! Wish it was more in depth for location!

Spam Detector

I love this app!! Its has protected me and my cellphone from unwanted call from spammers and the like. I recommend this app to all individuals who might get such calls. Send updates when possible. I give this app five stars!! Its awesome in its own right.


This little app is definitely a helpful tool against spam calls. Theres a community to report these callers, a blacklist option to warn you of the pending call, and theres a database of other spam numbers. This is my go-to app for telemarketers and just plain scammers!


A total waste of time. Does nothing. Probably run by the spammers.

Pretty good

Helps prevent a lot of spam calls. Easy to use and fast identification of robo callers.

Worthless on iPhone

I contacted customer support to see why Hiyas spam caller id was not working real time and they said Apple will not allow it so you can only look up numbers after the call, which makes the app worthless.


This app is goooood!

Just like Mr. Number; marginally useful.

This app does NOT screen calls. It will identify a number as spam/scam/fraud after the fact. Why it has a Protect option, I have no idea, because it does nothing. If the app makers actually allowed the app to screen a call, I would PAY for it.

Requires Registration

This app requires registration, even if you just want to look up numbers. You also cannot use the app at all if you do not give it access to your contacts. Even if you just want to look up numbers. Boo.

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