Hiya Caller ID and Block App Reviews

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Must read - Very Bad

This app collects tons of your information and shares it. It collect info from your social media, puts cookies in your email, ect. Read the privacy policy before creating an account. Its unbelievable.

Great App

As part of a complete cyber profile this is the Best on the market for iphone.

Great & Useful App

This is a must have app for anyone who is a busy professionals and everyone else in general who doesnt want to waste time dealing with telemarketers or solicited calls- this app has been like my personal assistant and screening my calls- instead of an unknown number showing up on my screen- this app would detect a suspected scam/fraud number and I would simply end the call or let it go to voicemail and blacklist the number- Ive also created a blacklist because of this app. Its been wonderful so far- I just hope any future updates would only improved and make it more efficient over time.

perfect tools

this is the perfect tools for someone who receive a lot Anonymous calls lake me .thanks


Prior to using this app my phone would ring constantly because when you own a business ever call is advertizing this helped a lot!!!

So far so good.Blocking calls to my Home phone

I am using WhitePages "HIYA" app in conjunction with my Xfinity Connect app. I use ☎️Xfinity Voice for home voice service, which is the phone# where the majority of spam calls go, and I have the Xfinity Connect app on my

great app

I really appreciate this app.


Stops annoying telemarketers from calling my cell phone.

Logging in

I am already a caller id user why cant I log in you changed the app and now I dont have access

Its a great app for everyone

I love the app, Im using it for over a year, but since the new update I cant open it

Really good app

Very handy in this day of cell phone usage


I just got an update and now I cant even open the app , nor delete it.

Black listed numbers still get through.

Good for identifying spam calls, but black listed numbers still get through and you cant tell the number any more. It just shows "suspected spam". Now I have no idea who is calling. Great for identifying spam though.


There is no way to whitelist text that I have, purposely, subscribed to. The app tells me that a number is suspected spam, but wont let me see the number to choose for myself. I was able to find the number on my other Apple device(that doesnt have Whitepages ID), but Whitepages doesnt give me the option to choose to whitelist it.

Worthless APP

Unable to enter the 4 digit code to validate my login, received a verification number numerous times yet the phones number pad does not appear thus disallowing input of the 4 digit number. Waste of time, deleting.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

So far, so good! It has done what it has said...stopped and blocked unwanted, annoying calls.. I am impressed.. Keep up the good work! Thank you...

Thank god for this app!

I love this app. When I do a reverse lookup, it gives me all the basic information I need with no "for just $3.99" bullcrap. Free. Right there. There it is. Also blocks unwanted sales calls and people comment on the numbers, like if theyre trying to sell Viagra or just get credit card numbers. In the first few days I had it I got two friends to get it too, and they love it!

Very nice app

This app works like it says, so far so good.


This app has been great so far. Cant complain.

Suspicious data hog

I came across this, seemed like it would tip me when a spam number is calling, and had good reviews, so i downloaded it. I was a little suspicious from their privacy policy saying how they share data but I made an account, put in my number, verified, all that. It put two contacts in my address book with almost 2000 listings total of spam/scam numbers, which I thought was good, so itd show up when getting a call. However, after having this app running for several minutes (and maybe even with it not running) my phone seemed to burn through about 50MB of data, and it the meter kept turning for no apparent reason. Nothing was different except the app, so I deleted it, rebooted my phone just to be safe, and the data usage stopped. I figured, though, at least I have those contacts so my phone would say if its a known spam number. However apparently deleting the app also deletes those contacts, which seems a little weird since its data in a different app that Whitepages ID needs special permission to alter. Oh well, so much for that.

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