Hiya Caller ID and Block Отзывы пользователей

♦️No Longer a LIFE-CHANGING App♦️

There are older updates from me below, however, I put it here in hopes that it will more likely get read —🔺especially by the DEVELOPERS🔺 I’m SOOO angry and disappointed — I have referred this app to ANYONE who would listen, and would also get asked things like “is it really free?” I wrote 5-star reviews with updates, that is, until about a year ago, June, at which time the app, and/or the developer(s), got too cocky and my main complaint was that the Customer Service had deteriorated and my questions and comments were not getting answered. Now, matters are worse..., the problem I keep reporting is obviously being blown off, thrown out, and/or ignored since for the 3rd day in a row I’ve tried to post a report to tell & warn others about someone who managed to hack into one of my social media accounts—my profile was rewritten and my photos were deleted and replaced by someones trashy, provocative and salacious ones (needless to say, I don’t do “salacious” at my age). Since I had the person’s supposed name, phone #, and location, I felt it was VERY worth reporting, especially since this could have very well affected those who are linked to me! Oh well, as usual, most of the reports I try to post RARELY get Reported—Hiya hasn’t been any help so I’ve been trying to figure out what difference(s) could have caused the few that did post, cause the many others not to? Unfortunately, it’s a work in process. I’m very committed to this problem of calls, callers, scams, etc., and have become OCD about it and have been extremely affected by it. Now, besides all my other issues with the app, I went to use it yesterday and found they’ve become just as GREEDY & COCKY as the rest—there’s a monthly/yearly charge to get name that belongs to the number you’re looking up—it’s no different than paying a cop if you need help!♦️ This is actually my 2nd review! I wrote the 1st one in May 2016. What's strange is that I had just finished using Hiya, when I saw the option to review the app. I figured, "what the hell—I'll write another one since I still come across people who have never heard about it! How is this possible..., a free app (which happens to be my favorite), that is so helpful to those who use it—EVERYONE must have the same issue with calls (unless you happen to be one of the callers) :). So, off to the App Store I went! I couldn't believe that my original review was the first one at the top of the page! Actually, I didn't bother looking below my review..., it could be that mine is the ONLY review. Anyway, get the app—you will not regret it! ♦️4-18-18 | Update♦️ First, I'd like to say that I hate the new Name Change, "Hiya," and am curious about what it means or how it came to be? The original, 'Whitepages ID,' was better. Nevertheless, the app is awesome, and I try to spread the word whenever I come across someone who's never heard of it. It gets my vote for being the most useful app in the App Store, as well as for the iPhone, and it being 100% FREE is an added bonus! It should be one of the apps among those already installed on new iPhones! It's probably my most-used app AND it also has a widget that makes it even easier to use [not that it wasn't easy to begin with]! [6/16/17] I came upon a few Tweets about an app, "Mr. Number." After reading through a few, I was certain that it sounded as though it was identical to the Hiya app—it didn't take but a second to find out I was right—sure enough, it's another app of Hiya's! Why? What are the differences—does anyone know? Hiya's app (originally called Whitepages ID) is already perfect as is and keeps getting better! Why would they create another? [7-26-17] I'm including another update in hopes that it is read by Hiya's developer[s]. I've been reading others' reviews to see how other folks felt about the app—those that stood out the most to me were some complaints about the App's Support, or its customer service. In all fairness, although this app is STILL a "life-changer" for me, I feel it's important to say I DO AGREE with those complaints and they should not be ignored! I recently found a flaw in Hiya..., [one that could have created more havoc in my life than I already have]. My emails to Hiya were never answered❗️POOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT is the worst flaw an app can have—it's a slap in the face to its supporters❗️Good support makes all other issues seem trivial since they are usually then given attention and fixed. I felt the "flaw" I found could become a major issue and should have been addressed. I'm a problem solver and love a good challenge so I spent hours figuring it out..., Hiya would have probably known immediately what to do—others would have likely given up or deleted the app. I won't make this any more detailed (or boring) than necessary, so I'll just quickly say that I blocked/blacklisted a guy I had been dating, after we broke up (but I didn't remember doing so). When we decided to give 'us' another try, he started asking why I was ignoring his text messages and didn't believe me when I said I hadn't been. While in a restaurant and without me knowing, he sent a text to my phone which was sitting on our table, expecting to catch me in a lie. He found it wasn't a lie, but why was his number affected, not others? After some searching, I realized I had blocked/blacklisted him way back when the app was then called Whitepages ID and the ONLY way to UNblock or edit his number was to use the Whitepages ID App, NOT Hiya! I didn't need a rocket scientist to tell me there WAS no Whitepages ID app—it was now called Hiya. After hours of wasted time and effort, I figured it out. I don't know, perhaps I'm an idiot and others would have known immediately what to do, but I doubt it. HOWEVER, in any case, my many emails should not have been ignored by Hiya. The GOOD thing that DID result from all this was realizing the guy I finally unblocked, was, in fact, a moron and needed to be, once again blocked—permanently❗️

This app is highly seductive.....

It really is 😃


Awesome app

Great app

Hiya is a great app & has stopped a ton of scam calls that used to receive!

They removed name features

I used like Hiya app on iOS, I have recommended it to over 30 people. Now, with the latest upgrade, they have removed caller ID names. They do this so they could charge money. I would pay, however I don’t use it that often, so it really doesn’t make sense for me to pay. I am therefore giving it a two star review. It used to be a lot better

Have premium - doesn’t always work

Hiya doesn’t flag or block telemarketer calls at the time the call is received but the shows the number as telemarketer after the call is received. Helpful but not really. Sometimes I get lucky and the call is flagged as telemarketer but still the call is never blocked as advertised. Sorry to see the sms spam feature removed, but it didn’t seem to work either. yes all settings in iOS and hiya are correct.

Used to be nice, but now they charge for everything

Very frustrating almost bait and switch...

You need this app!!

Absolutely LOVE Hiya!!!

It’s not free anymore

I liked app when this app was completely free and now I have to pay to see the persons name that called me. Great :/

Worked great at first

Worked great at first. Now that I have all calls blocked all spam is supposed to be blocked all go to voicemail. Now I copy a number that is allowed identity it and it identifies as spam which is supposed to go straight to voicemail. Crap app

Report to authorities

Cannot block spoofed numbers!

Used to be good, no longer

This used to be my go to app. Now names are no longer available unless I upgrade to premium? So what good is it? Not much, anymore.

Doesn’t work

This app isn’t very good. You have to turn it on protect mode every hour or it doesn’t do anything. I’ve had tons of calls get through.

Requires paid upgrade

I liked this free App at first, but after a period of time, it stopped working and instead of naming the caller, it said the “information was available with Premium” service only. Bait and switch!

Works well

A Must have app

Works well - updated

4/19/18 Update: Does not filter as many calls as it used to and now with the app switching to premium services its become less useful. Enjoyed it while it was free, but the was the point. Free. The subscription rates are just too high and unreasonable to justify now. Would rather see ads than eventually be forced into subscribing. Original: Went from 5 spam calls a day to 1 ever two weeks. Recommend to all my friends and family!

Really? Premium?

Are you serious? Cool now I can’t see who actually is calling me. Deleting the app.

Does not work

The app does a great job at identifying callers but do not expect it to actually block anything despite how you configure it.

Charge for caller ID now..:(

This app is great for blocking and identifying spam calls, I’m not happy that they are now charging to lookup phone numbers now..

Great App

Have used Hiya for about six months. Excellent at blocking scams and fraud. Just be sure to update the number library daily.

Scum bags

This app was great for years! And was free!! Wake up one day and mysteriously there’s a premium button that they now charge you for.

No thanks.

Difficult to use. Worthless without $ubmitting to premium upgrade.

Bait and switch

So let me see if I have this correct...I’ve been using Hiya for a while now. I’ve had the ability to do reverse lookups of phone numbers. This part makes sense, as I gave Hiya access to my contact list as part of using the app. So now suddenly this is a “premium function”, based on the data I gave you for free? Hiya, here’s a clue. A “premium” app adds functionality you didn’t have in your free version. Taking something away that you previously offered for free is a bad business model.

Another free app that charges now.

Used to be free..now to even look up one number you have to pay. Well i guess time to Uninstall.

Does not work

It worked when first used. Now it doesn’t stop any calls. I still get 3-5 robot calls a day and none are blocked. Now they have a premium service. Good bait and switch to get you to pay

Great product, but doesn’t always auto block

So, I have it set to automatically block any identified spam, fraud, etc., but it does seem to want to do so. Sometimes it does not even identify them as such on the caller ID. When I look it up on the app, it tells me it has been identified as spam, but then why did it not block it? Still, it’s usually very good at warning you of a spam call — just not always, even though it knows it is. Weird.

Great concept, iffy execution

I have directed this app to block all of the listed categories of call and send them to voicemail, the calls continue to ring through and interrupt my work.


I can barely afford to pay rent let alone pay for this app!


Disappointed we have to pay now to view name upon lookup.

Improved Performance

I like the setting options we have, but we are no longer able to check on the name of the caller unless you pay for premium at $15/yr. It would have been nice to allow up to 5 or 10 caller ID checks per month for free before requiring a premium service.


Very unhappy with it! I am still getting telemarketers calling. I was in the impression that it would stop is telemarkers and scam callers. But it hasn’t. What a waste of money and time.

Priceless! My most useful app

Before installing Hiya I was receiving 10 or more spam, telemarketing and fraudulent calls a day, most trying to spoof local numbers but many from the dreaded auto warranty or Alliance Home Security marketers. Since adding Hiya it has slowly dwindled to 1 a day at most. What a remarkable tool Hiya provides. I could not be any happier.

No longer free

Now they want you to upgrade and pay in order to see features that had been free. Going to delete this app.

Love It

Simple to use

Good and getting better.

I went pro and It’s catching 99% of the scammers and spoofers. I wish the spammers could get “number disconnected” and not just sent to VM quietly.

Robo calls R Us

Still getting call after call

Best app I’ve ever downloaded

So thankful for this app, has saved me so many headaches! 10/10

Thank you

As a business owner we get so much crap I get sick and of the phone. You have saved my sanity

Works really good

Very accurate and easy to set up

Ok 👍🏾

This app was ok for notifying scam, fraud calls. Not do much as who the caller is!

Hiya gets a good bye-a! FRAUD

I am canceling Premium due to Hiya inputting fraud names when trying the identity option. I just put in our phone number that we’ve had for years and they said it was another owner than us!! BIG disappointment because AT & T recommends this app.

Horrible privacy and now trying to charge

I am deleting this app. They are now trying to charge for features which were previously free Also, read their privacy statement. That tell you they can take all of your contact information and use it for not only their use but also for any of their affiliates to use. An affiliate means anyone they want to do business with. Super slimy!!!


Was working ok. Now it won’t show me any names unless I buy premium. When I had my galaxy it would show the name on the lock screen and in my call log. When I switched back to the iPhone I had to copy and paste it into the app for it to work. So, I just deleted it.

It used to be a great app!

It used to be a great app! I purchased the app a few years ago but recently it turned in a month to month pay per service!

Upselling now

This used to show the name attached and now makes you upgrade to “premium”. Understandable that they want to make $ but it’s a bummer to take away a feature long time users have been using for free. Love it for flagging telemarketers and getting other people’s feedback on calls that seem shady. Great app overall.

Used to be great

Now almost useless. Average time you ask for a number they ask you to upgrade in order to get it, hasn’t been great with spam either. Was great, but I’m on to the next for now


Greatest app to ID calls from scammers/ fraud or bill collectors

Old version was better! Thumbs down for the new version

The old version had an option to send spoofing and spam calls to voice mail. That option is gone with the new version. Thumbs down.

Sick of it

I’m disappointed because now they want me to pay to get same features I had for free.

Money hungry now.

This used to be such a wonderful free app. It used to pop up calls if it was a suspected scam or telemarketer call. Now they want you to pay for that option which was free before. Now they don’t have caller ID or comments listed about if someone else received the same call. I used to recommend this app because it was free. Now I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else because are so many other free apps out there. They are just using your information that you comment about and making money off your reviews.

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