Hiya Caller ID and Block App revisa

The old one was better.

The new version cut many of the good features, wiped out my painstaking built listing and now doesn’t allow me to look up the caller. They want money to do that. No way

Premium service doesn’t work!

I started paying for premium service and it hasn’t been successful a single time in doing an update of caller info from Premium screen. No number to call to get help.

Version 5.7.4 what a nice surprise:

“We were unable to update the Call Pr... “ Tried multiple times to update and repeatedly the above showed in bold print with a circle and a big X in it. This was on 07/17/2018. An overnight fix cleared this issue. The app also often asks for random numbers out of a hat, that don’t look like phone numbers, to be checked. Using iPhone X and latest iOS 11.4.1.

No stars

They are just like the rest, all they want is $$$$$$$$. There business model use to be free number ident. Now $$$$$$$$$

Free doesn't mean hands-free

This is a comment on only the free side of the app. What you get: more robust blocking options than Apple offers; access to the Hiya spam/telemarketer database; post-call lookup. In an ideal universe it would be better to have an open-source crowd-sourced database and app. But as there isn't any such app (is there?) Hiya is a fairly good compromise. Their database is partly crowd-sourced, and easy to contribute to. And the lookup feature is fine; it's not automatic. Difficult to complain about that in a free app. And there are no ads. But no app can capture all spam calls in advance. I am happy to see that they have added text and spoofing coverage (though the spoofing doesn't seem to flag anything in advance), but it may be impossible to create a database of spoofed numbers, and, oddly, I've experienced an uptick in spoofed calls lately. If scammers move to spoofing, that may be an unintended result of blocking that is worse than the original problem. Time may tell.


Waste of time doesn’t do what it sais

Not worth a crap

Can block numbers on own without this app.

Worked great at first

This app worked great at first, however stopped blocking spam and robo calls after the first week and I would get a failed to authenticate error. Following the ‘fail safe’ instructions fixed the authentication error, but now Hiya Premium will not update. Just paid for a year subscription, but only got a week of use.


You have to manually add in every robo number. This app needs to allow you to see the number and hit a button to upload it as a robo call when they come in

Love This App!

I was receiving 15 or more spam and/or phishing calls a day. It was at the level that I had to turn my phone off at times to get away from the constant interruption. I installed the app and initially set it to warn me when those calls came through as I was afraid I might miss something important. It’s so accurate than I have it on the highest settings and I’m back to being able to conduct business without constant interruption. One of the best apps out there!


Last update broke ALL call blocking integration. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Now they charge for a basic phone lookup Every time a new version comes out my settings (like “Block” instead of “Warn Me”) are lost. #Bugs

Won’t open just crashes

I was hoping today’s update would fix the issue no cigar.

Good app until they started charging

I loved this app but now they want money for something that’s been free for years and it’s worthless.

I enjoy the convenience!

I have recommended this app to many people! I enjoy having a source to turn to and check out a number as well as looking at an unknown number with a comment about it being a scam or telemarketer!

Only good for looking up numbers, doesn't block

Paid for the premium version and calls are still getting through. Most of the time it doesn’t even flag them as spam, telemarketing, scam, or whatever until I manually look them up in the app. I made sure that this app was enabled for call blocking in the phone settings as it describes, so I’m confident that everything was set up correctly. I don't know if this is an issue with the app or with newer versions of IOS, but it's not doing what I had hoped for and what it claims to do. Going to try something else.

Phone id lookup

Doesn’t show owner all the time. I tried friends but they show up under a different name

Doesn’t work.

Doesn’t block calls. All you get are more and more.

Will Not Be Renewing

I do not find this does much to help. I would say only 5% of the calls I received are identified. It was a waste of money to upgrade to the paid subscription.

Not free anymore!

This App use to give me the name of who calling now it will not allow no caller id unless I subscribe to premium which cost you $7.99

Not working

I was advised my my cell carrier Verizon to download this app as I am getting dozens of calls every minute from people I don’t know saying they are returning my call, yet I never called them. Spoof. So I downloaded the app and still getting calls. So annoying Yet still getting calls. App does not appear to work.

No information, not even once

I have been using this particular app for the last three weeks and have yet to get a good piece of information from it. I am using the free portion of the site and would definitely not pay money to see if they might give up any information at all. I also would not recommend this site for others. It’s just a waste of time.

Pretty darn good!

Seems to have reduced my spoofs and spam calls—if that’s the correct terminology— by about quit a bit. Only a maximum of one call a week gets through now, compared to four or five. Keep the settings and program list updated regularly.

Helpful app

This app has helped us id who is safe to talk to

Finally, I’m limited on the Robo and Fraud Calls!

It’s been a blessing to not have to get so many Robo calls during the day. I used to get a lot more, but since I’ve started using Hiya I am receiving less and less, and having the calls screened for Scam, Fraud, and Telemarketing is a plus. Plus, even finding out who is calling me if I don’t answer is great when I want to look up the number. Update June 2018: The app isn’t working as well lately, and I have been receiving IRS extortion calls from east coast numbers this entire week and the app is not picking up many of them. After I copy and paste the number, only a few come up extortion. I understand that not all numbers can be found, so we’ll see how this app handles more of them. Update July 2018: The app is working better than last month. There have been a lot of local numbers coming up, but it’s picking them up more often now. Those pesky east coast numbers are still coming up, and the IRS scams still get through as the Robo callers are getting more tricky and finding other ways around them being blacklisted, but, all in all, so far so good.

It’s ok

It’s ok don’t bother paying for it bc they still have no clue who the land lines are that call. Do not pay for the ap!!! How can you have a land line with no name attached!!! I bought it but will not renew it! Do not waste your time or money!!!

Call blocker

This was a good app, but now they want to charge for looking up the ID of a caller. Aside from that it does work. It would be nice if it automatically blocked callers with an ID of “Unknown.” There seems to be an uptick if caller ID of Unknown.

thank you HIYA!

Great app to keeps annoying telemarketers and money grabbers from getting my time and attention...thank you HIYA!

Doesn’t work as advertised

App doesn’t work as advertised. Telemarketers and scams still get through. And only after the call goes to voicemail does it alert it’s a potential scam.


It works. Not 100% of the time but it works.


Works wonderful

Not worth it

Really doesn't do much since they went iap. Deleted.

Necessary app.

Everyone should have this app!!! It’s a very handy tool.

Clunky - doesn’t exactly do what I expected

Thought it would flag calls as they happened. You have to copy the number from the call log and then look up the number in hiya, and then if it is spam add it to the blocked calls list. Too many steps to be convenient. Should happen real time. The version of hiya ATT uses does just that but is considerably more expensive than the premium version of hiya.


Inaccurate and worthless

Is this thing on?

It's kinda useless I still get unwanted calls more so now that I downloaded this app?

Horrible App!

Horrible app, hardly catches any robo diapers or spam callers!!


This is the first app that I have tried that delivers as stated !


I received even more calls after down loading the app. Even got blocked calls.

Doesn’t work

This app worked on 2 phone calls then has done nothing since. I would waste your time with it.

Doesn’t work

Doesn’t actually block calls most of the time - even the easy ones like phone numbers starting with the same six digits as my number but are not in my contacts. Every once in a while it’ll block a call but I still get the voice mail from the robo call.

Love it

I love it all calls get blocked or I get warned about spam best app ever

It’s like having a cop answer your phone

No longer do I have to stop what I’m doing to find that I’ve been tricked by spammers and phishers. Hiya shuts them down before they reach you, especially those using fake phone numbers.

Phone calls

The app is not giving me the name who is calling

Nuisance calls

Nuisance calls still getting through. Maybe I’m missing something.


I was getting 5-6 annoying calls a day. Since installation NO MORE. Thanks to you and Kim Komondor.


No name available For almost every call I’ve got, what a piece of garbage app, make it free or make some serious changes.... this app doesn’t work, Scam likely calls still come through even with this feature turned on in the settings... GARBAGE!!!!

Good app

Almost always gives me the name of the person or organization that’s calling. But u have to put the unknown number in the search space of the app.

Totally works

I don’t know why I’m reading all the negative reviews but I suspect either people don’t have the app enabled in Phone/Call Blocking, they don’t want to pay for real-time Caller ID, or their expectations for accuracy are unreasonable, considering how quickly Robocallers change numbers. I used to use AT&T’s version of the Hiya app that ran on the cellular network. The carrier has seemingly licensed a scaled-down version of Hiya but significantly marked up user cost. The ATT app was also recently updated to coincide with the changes we see here. This app has more features and is a significantly better value than what the carrier is offering. There’s many complaints from people not wanting to pay because a feature they valued was once free. Nobody likes paying for anything, but that’s capitalism. None of us would work without a source of income; it ensures our economic sustainability.


From the moment I installed the Hiya app, the number of scammers calls, robo-calls and telemarketing phone calls has decreased to almost zero. I’m very happy. I was getting calls constantly throughout the day, one day I had more than 30! I have recommended hiya to so many other people at this point because I’m satisfied with the service.

Disables blocks on every update

WHY DOES IT DEFAULT TO ALLOWING SCAM CALLS?!? The app disables the spam and scam blocks on every update. The default allows scams directly to your phone. Thanks for nothing. The app needs better defaults and bug fixes.

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