Hiya Caller ID and Block App Bewertungen

Great start

Using it daily. App really helps


It is a great app

Won’t update

Last few days app says update failed. Lets blocked numbers threw. ???


So far it hasn’t blocked any telemarketing scams

Used to be good

They took away almost all functionality of the app unless you pay for it now. Greed !


Worked well previously, not anymore. Will no longer block calls.

Hiya is a great app

Blocks a lot of garbage telemarketing spam BS

Good call screener and blocker

Has been 100% so far!

Didn’t work at all

I downloaded this app a few days ago and it hasn’t blocked even one unknown call from going through. I followed the instructions and everything but no good. Do not recommend.

Need Premium?

I’ve yet to have a call blocked. Even though set for blocking, at best I get a warning that it’s spam, but mostly I’m getting as many unwanted calls as I’ve always gotten. Hiya also keeps alerting me that I need to keep it running so the spam list can be updated— I do keep it running. My guess is you need the paid service to see any benefit

Don’t think it’s working very well

So many calls are getting through and the system knows these numbers

Not worth the hassle

I tried this out for about 7 months. It was rough at the start and got only marginally better over time. At version 5.9, the developers decided that spamming the user with DB update notices was a good idea. With the app installed and updated, I got about the same amount of junk calls coming through regardless of settings. So ineffectual filtering + dubious privacy implications == delete.

Does not work on iPhone X & XS

On the XS it works a little bit but on the X it doesn’t allow you set up a huge part of tbr app...the caller ID so what is the point of this app until they update it with the new iPhones I can reverse look up but it doesn’t help when you get calls you don’t know who they are & could be one of my doctors as they don’t call on the same #. This way I have to answer the bs calls.

Hiya Premium not worth it

I loved HIYA when it first came out, and used it consistently. And then I was prompted to upgrade to the paid premium version, and I am very unhappy. It misses almost all of the solicitation calls and I have to report them manually, and it just is not as effective or worth the money.

Good app

Very useful. Well done.

No longer working

Since I upgraded to premium, the features don’t work anymore. Doesn’t identify unknown callers, doesn’t block callers I asked to block, doesn’t do spam calls anymore. I even went as far as installing it again as they said and still down’t work. Am cancelling service.

Do not see the value

The free app does t do anything and I am surely not going to pay for an improved version of nothing. It was recommended by a neighbor. It seems to work on hers and she claimed she is not on the “pay” plan. We both have the same iPhone. So while I am unhappy with the app, and I rated it as such, it may work differently for you.

Doesn't work well enough

Hiya blocks some calls, and for a week or so I was getting fewer, but I'm back to getting 3+ a day now. Hiya says that it has to be running in the background for it to work, which would be fine, but if I don't get on the app every day or two to update it manually, I get a notification that it's no longer running (even though I haven't force quit it). Overall, I have to babysit this too much for very little payoff. Dealing with the app everyday is just as annoying as dealing with the calls.

Spam calls

This app does nothing for me. I was looking for an app that recognizes a spam call and lets me know before answering. Gives me an alert. You have to open the app enter the # and then it tells you it’s source and the you can block.

Doesn’t work

Installed yesterday. Woke up this morning to a scam call. It doesn’t work

Good app but could be better

Missing a big function to save out the block list. Their suggestion in the iPhone FAQ is to write them down. REALLY??? In this digital age we're supposed to resort to pencil and paper?? Bad form . . .

seriously. answer needed

Please explain why you repeatedly turn off all the blocking settings every single the app updates. its a ridiculous thing to do. is it to try and get people to pay for the subscription? are you selling my info? because i certainly get a significantly larger amount of spam calls when the blocks are turned off then i did before i got this app. something is messed up. cause it doesn't make much sense that you would turn the app features off and hide other things behind a paywall if you want people to use your service. if you didn't do this and added more feature to the paid service on top of the old free features then you would definitely have more paid users. instead it looks like you took a risk and screwed up. now everyone hates it and are leaving it so you have to put stuff behind the paywall in order to even still exist.

Doesn't work any more

When I first installed it seemed to help but that didn’t last. Tons of “blocked” numbers continue to ring through. Contacted the company who spent more time denying any problem with the program than they did giving me useful help. I tried what they suggested with no improvement.

Don’t waste your money on Hiya

This app lately has missed every single spam call. It doesn’t identify anything. All my settings are correct, but it just doesn’t work. Find a better spam number app cause Hiya is JUNK!!!

Not blocking calls

I’m using an iPhone 6s with iOS 12.1 and even though a phone number shows as blocked in the app it still comes through and rings each time they call.



Not working

I have everything turned on to block but lately getting tons of calls. Today alone has been 10 so far and it’s getting annoying.

Hyya app review

A very very good app!! Well worth getting! It totally works for screening your phone calls or blocking suspicious messages! I highly recommend this app. And for about $15 a year ya can upgrade to their premium version!

Really complicated to learn.

Isn’t blocking calls and I don’t know why.

No caller ID

Switched phones from android to iPhone and now I don’t see the caller ID with live calls. Pointless.

Great App

The free version of the app is great, I have not received any intruding telemarketer calls since installation. I like the option to either block or give alert based on call type..for example I have "block" for national numbers and have "alert" warning for spoofed local Area Code + Prefix.

Good, but since iOS 12, neighbor scam is not blocking

Since I updated to iOS 12, the neighbor scam block does not work. It's a great feature that gives me peace of mind. Please update soon!


The number of unsolicited phone calls has not decreased with this ap.

Not working at all

I get 15-20 spam calls on daily basis even after installing this app.

It used to be great!

I was very happy with this app blocking and identifying spammers, but lately unless I paid a subscription it won't do it. So now I'm looking for another app that can do the same

Doesn't block spam calls

I've been disappointed since I get 20-25 calls/week and 3-4 show the call is spam. I update regularly but if they're completely reliant on people reporting spam, I'm guessing more than 50% won't report so Hiya needs to step in and work. Don't expect users to do the work for you. I've had the app for 4 months and I've had at least 200 spam calls. Hiya has warned me about 4-5 of those spam calls and if might even be less. What they're blocking or identifying 1-2% of all the spam calls I receive, that's not worth paying for and I don't recommend a company that depends on its users doing all the work. You have to type in the entire number as they'll have "do you want to look up "48648"? Seriously? At the very least, I shouldn't have to go into the app and try and remember the number so that I go back to their app, type it in and write a paragraph on what kind of spam, what they're selling, what they've asked. That's they're job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not mine!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE TO REPORT IT AS SPAM. NO! They need to do their research and not charge us to give them the numbers they need to block. If that's what they're going to do, pay us via PayPal if they're depending on crowd sourcing in order to make us do all the work. If I'm at work or otherwise busy, I DON'T HAVE TIME TO DO THEIR JOB! At least make the entire last number available for look up. Don't give me a 4-5 digit number to look up!! I have no idea what they mean when they ask if I want 5439 looked up. THERE IS NO 4 DIGIT PHONE NUMBER!!!!!

Missed so many telemarketers!

I’ve paid for the premium service thinking that it would work better than the free version. I was wrong... I make sure it’s updated daily and somehow I still get numerous telemarketers making it through! I try to search for information regarding the call, no information returned.

Does not help

I purchased this help because I get a lot of calls with a fax number sound. This app had not helped with any type of spam caller,

Used to be much better. Getting lame.

Used to be much better. Getting lame.

Cannot put number to block since there is no dash key

Calls still come through


Just learning how to use it. Will be fine whenI figure it out.

Works good and is getting better.

So for now I think the app is helpful and everyone needs to help in reporting scammers and telemarketers. Thinks are OUT of control in fraud that pretends to be telemarketers and then rips off your Family or other innocent victims who don’t really understand what’s happening to them. It’s our duty as subscribers to protect the innocent don’t quite understand what is happening to them until months/years later.

Ok but needed update is not available

Works great when up to date. App says there is a update. And you need the update to make the app work correctly. But there is not update through the App Store updates and there is no update offered on the app itself.


Either I’m not using it correctly or it’s useless. Unknown numbers still coming through. I still have to manually block them. So what’s the point of Hiya?? Now I have two blocked lists. In my contacts and now in hiya. SMH

Complete garbage

It doesn’t do a single thing it claims to do. I’m getting spam calls while I’m on the app

Used to be good

Hiya used to be my “go to” app for reverse looking up phone numbers. Now all I get when I search is “Name is available” with purchase of premium account which is $2.99/month or $14.99/year. I guess I’ll keep looking for a decent replacement.

This App Works Amazingly Well!

Seriously, since installing Hiya on my iPhone 7, currently running iOS12, the number of scam/spam/solicitation calls have been reduced from as many as 10-12 per day to “rarely received”. Excellent product...

Great app, but what would make it perfect ...

As a Telecom Engineer I use the premium paid version for the ability to look up CNAM results. Since the caller-ID name is the responsibility of the terminating carrier what would make this app perfect is if they returned CNAM results from several of the industries top databases. I often find that the CNAM results provided by HIYA do not match the major RBOC carriers. Add that functionality and the premium app would be a paid service few could do without!

Old app was better

Seems they done away with our ability to choose how we set up block and warn calls.

No help stopping spam calls

Useless app. Has not captured or stopped a single spam call

Sort of works ... sometimes

Every once in a while the app works but most of the time it doesn’t. A call comes in, no notification from hiya, then when I look it up in hiya it says it’s a telemarketer. Glad it didn’t cost anything because it’s not worth anything.

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