Hiya Caller ID and Block App Bewertungen

Great start

Using it daily. App really helps


It is a great app

Bill Epperson

Has made my life much easier, love the app !!


Hiyaworks on some calls... showing it’s probably spam... while others not. No clue why.

Great App

Have used Hiya for about six months. Excellent at blocking scams and fraud. Just be sure to update the number library daily.

So far so good

I have only had app for less than a week and compared to app that cost money I think so far so good. Have not had interference with verification text messages!

Awesome App

This app is awesome. It really works better than the national do not call list.

Great app!

I don’t use many apps, but I hope to not ever lose this one! Keep it and keep away all those sales and spoofing calls!

Great App

This app has saved me a LOT of aggravation and potential harm......it does take help from everyone to make it even better tho. Report those calls that harm people and support thieves and scammers!


Sometimes it identifies incoming calls and then other times it doesn’t.

Great App!

Love this app. Catches most of the telemarketers that keep calling.

Love it when it works!

Sometimes it doesn’t notify me if a caller is a telemarketer/scammer, while they are calling. Otherwise, it’s great


Great product. Blocks and flags scam calls.


Reliable and trustworthy. Best way to look up numbers and avoid scammers or unwanted calls.

Works great

Works great!! Stopped all my calls!! Nothing gets through unless it goes straight to voicemail!! Love it!!

Literally better than sex!

This app has filtered out so many annoying calls and text messages it’s unbelievable!! I just wish I could give it a higher rating!

Good App

Getting far fewer spam and scam calls and can usually identify unknown numbers. Saves me time and aggravation!

Seriously the best.

With all the hype lately about phone hacking I decided to get this app. Couldn’t be happier. I receive probably 5-10 calls a day that are telemarketing or scams now this pre warns me or sends it directly to voicemail. So glad I downloaded!

Wonderful app

This is a wonderful app.

Just Phenomenal

Telemarketing can be incredibly annoying and this app helps me to identify and block them.

Alerts are mostly good

Works most of the time but calls are not going to voicemail as per settings. Not sure why.

Does Not Block Calls

My impression was this app identified and blocked spam/fraud calls. It will only identify after I input the phone number. Even after I checked off block, the calls from the exact same number still come through. Why?

Great Tool!

I use this for both my work cell and personal and it’s phenomenal. Unfortunate that more people don’t know about it but I’m spreading the word as fast as I can. Let’s put an end to telemarketing / scam calls!

Good app

Better than true caller

Works very well

Would be nice to have an option to automatically update the unwanted caller list instead of having to do it manually.

This app really works.

I got so many phishing calls!! Haven’t had any since installing this app.


This app occasionally displays fraud or scam flags. If the number of the caller is typed on another page it may display fraud or scam or sales.needs lots of work.

Actually WORKS!!!!

I’ve tried other call blockers but This One really Does as promised! Great!

Awesome app!

Have referred you to over six of my friends. Great defense against spammers!

Where are the reports?

Hiya didn’t catch an incoming Robo call so I reported it with a written note of the call. However, nothing came of that report and I cannot find a record of it. At least with Mr. Number you could read what others had written about a certain number, including your own report. With Hiya my report seems to have disappeared into the black hole. And the scam number still shows up as a legitimate number. Not helpful!


It works great! , blocks scam calls on most calls some calls still go through on iPhone

This is everything I’ve wanted and more

I’ve never written a review before but I felt obligated to do so for this app. It’s amazing. I got disingenuous calls often but after downloading this app, it’s a thing of the past. No more sketchy 3rd world inhabitants jammed in a 4x4 cubicle with the single intention of scamming me are able to contact me anymore! And I can look up any random number for information of their location, name, and/or business they’re calling me from. Hiya will then automatically label the additional information for that specific number in your phone app. I’m telling everyone about this app. Respect and thanks to the developers👍🏽.

I like it

Wish it gave a “Last call” option . Otherwise jts great.

Best caller I’d app out

I have used this app for Lil over a year and nothing I’ve used comes anywhere close to this one. I first had it on my Android and now it on my iPhone. The only thing I miss is the way the call came in on the android it told you if it a scam or not. The iOS you have to manually put it in to see buy cp the number and open up the app and put it in to see. But other than that I love the app won’t use anything else.

Lost 3 stars

I had given this a five star review based on the first couple of weeks of use. But lately it has stopped working. It’s letting calls through, not giving me the lookup on the phone screen. Annoying little things. That make it mostly useless. Oh well. Was nice while it lasted.

Adequate but not the best

Easy to use (blocking, etc) but not very efficient in identifying callers. It seems the best they can do is give you the state and maybe the city where the call originated- but this you already know by area code. In spite of “fixes” blocked calls still get through. Still allows blocked calls through and not able to I. D. the majority of calls beyond city/state.

Fantastic App!

My only recommendation would be to add the option to add numbers from the block list from the Recents list. That way blocking numbers becomes even more streamlined.


This is awesome so many scam artist call my phone anymore look there number up and nine chances out of 10 turn on anyone and I’m interested in talking to

It really works / keep the app open in background!

I was skeptical, but it really works. I don’t know if this has anything to do with my experience, but keeping the app open in the background along with the recommended setup process, seems to block all junk calls. I have installed this on my work phone with the same results. Before using the app, I received on average 4 junk calls a day. The calls were received at almost the same time everyday and some even masked their number to match my area code in order to appear legit. Do not call list - fail, increased legislation with stiff fines - fail, front end call screening through phone provider - fail. A phone number database supported by user input in order to provide up to date filter information is brilliant. Thank you for addressing a problem that nobody has been able to correct for years

2018, new year, new problems 💔

I used to have a Hiya review saying I could kiss the developers, and don't get me wrong, it's a fantastic app... But recently I've been getting spam again, and often, the numbers are "suspected" as being bad but not blocked. I'll give this app a solid 5 stars again when we can set a sensitivity threshold, with the option to block suspected callers or even those who have at least one recent report against them. Because nowadays, spammers change numbers so fast that the app can't mark them as bad before they are already switching to a new number. The day this issue is solved is the day that, once again, I could kiss the developers. I have high hopes for you, Hiya.

Works great and is free!!!!

This app makes my life free of fake calls!

Needs update

Phone numbers I’ve already blocked are still getting through. Yes I have the app setup properly. Sometimes the quantity of phone numbers protected from drops to a very low number.

Works well, but sporadically

When it works, it works great. However, some times it fails to display the caller ID on the call screen, even though looking up that number inside the app shows it as a spam/scam.

Didn't block anything

Looks good blocks nothing. Was a waste of time to download and try

Best app ever!

I’m not an “app” person, and I’m a senior citizen (yikes!), but the hiya app has saved me lots of aggravation and grief with unwanted and often criminal calls - the latest call was flagged as “extortion” !!! I’ve had this app for over 6 months now and it is brilliant! I highly recommend it.

Proven Winner!

This app is no nonsense, it actually does what it claims to do and you very seldom are aware of it. The scammers are working overtime thinking of ways to con someone out of their hard earned money, so we need an app that will work just as hard even harder to counter those low life dirt balls. I received so many calls prior to downloading this app, I would think how I'd love to get my hands on those crooks. Now my phone is for the most part a pleasant experience. I did have AT&T's version of " hiya " but I had to delete it, that app drove me crazy. When it blocked a number it would show a notification on the screen but for one phone call I would get 20 to 30 notifications, tying up my phone for a considerable amount of time. Thanks guys for a well needed app. 3/15/2018 I'm going to add a thing or two I find puzzling. Before downloading this app I had AT&T's version of hiya. There's are many similarities, I just read the FAQ and it says a few things Apple is preventing you from doing, keeping a list of blocked calls, spam, telemarketers or any call that was blocked, why is AT&T doing it? Also why does AT&T just simply hang up on calls we choose to block? I don't get why Apple would not allow hiya the same criteria afforded AT&T. I'm not putting down this app by any means, I just don't get the double standard if that's the case. When I have a call that's suspect and it's blocked I would prefer to have an on going account of those calls for future reference. Thank you.

Great app

Love you hiya


Doesn’t text a code to be able to setup.

App doesn’t work

Can’t even get the app to send out a code to register my number.. you delete the app and restart the phone and get the same issue... it would be nice to try and use this but you can’t even get past step 1.....


Best app ever I give this a five star trust me

Not accurate

I have to copy numbers and have hiya block them manually. Wasted app bc the app doesn’t work like advertised.

Works well but intermittently

When Hiya detects spam or robocalls it's great, but often it does nothing, not catching obvious spammers. Also, I can't enable neighbor scam filtering because there are legitimate local numbers I need to receive. Please add a whitelist feature so I can use neighbor scam filtering!

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