Hiya Caller ID and Block App Bewertungen

Great start

Using it daily. App really helps


It is a great app

Spam & Telemarketers

This is not blocking my calls from scams

It changed

It was great at first, now all of a sudden most of the numbers say no name available. That does me no good.


Love that it shows “Hiya SPAM” when a call comes in from one they have identified as Spam. Then I know not to answer it and I add it to my BLOCK list. Everyone should be using this app!!!!

HIYA indispensable

Never worry again!

Who’s really behind all this spoof calling

I’m really starting to believe that HIYA and other call blockers are behind the spoof calling. Since I tried several out my spoof calls and spams have drastically blown my phone up. HIYA if this continues I will be ending my monthly payments. Do your job and or stop the spoof/spam calls.

Not so good anymore

Used to be really good. Now it never Identifies any calls I think they want you to pay now..

Could be bettet

Would be nice if Hiya listed recent calls so you can just select the number and not have to enter it manually. Blocking the phone number is easier in the iPhone then hiya

App was good until an update

App was good until an update and suddenly it isn’t worth crap. It won’t filter the calls anymore and tell me when other people have reported spam or debt collectors like t use to. WTH?

Garbage App

Worst app out there. Works for awhile, then wants money to continue. Unfortunately when you pay it still doesn’t work. Don’t want your time with this fraud.

Not helpful

It hasn’t stopped any of the Robo calls. I have to type the number into Hiya and then block. I was doing that before Hiya. No help here.

Needs lots of work

Doesn’t automatically populate search bar with recently copied phone number as it once did; doesn’t recognize a lot of spam numbers


Great app! I have not talked to a telemarketer since I got this app a couple of months ago!

Does not work worth a darn

I even paid extra money to get a better plan and get spam calls every day. It made no difference

Can’t manually enter phone number due to formatting

Trying to enter a number to be blocked, hit the + and then enter the number and I continually get in the wrong format errors. I’ve tried the standard international formatting, I’ve tried parentheses space in a hyphen. I write code and I should think that the input filtering for numbers would be better and not need to use my contact list. I only conclusion I can come to is that we are being forced to switch to accessing the contact list or #2 just put a coding

Upgrades cost

When I first started using hiya it worked great! A year and a few updates later now it cost for a premium upgrade and if it’s not a telemarketer it won’t tell you anything except you need to upgrade to see who called you... what’s up with that bc it’s so frustrating

Won’t block neighborhood robo calls

Says it will block same area code and prefix robo calls, it won’t. Deleted app.

App no good

Does not give a name for any no I have had at least 25 different calls since I got this paid app and it hasn’t showed me one name yet very disappointed in this app

Not happy “ No Stars”

Really disappointed that this app no longer IDs the caller because they want you to subscribe now rather than give you the info they used to give you without charging you, Plus if it is a known spammer why does the car still annoyingly ring your phone?

Not as good as the original

This was a terrific app when I first got it. Since then I had to buy premium just to get names on listings, and about half of them come up “no name available”. The point of this is to identify a call to see if you should return it or block it. I do not like the idea of blocking a number that could be an important call.

David A Scheetz

App was very good until you stopped verifying the name that belongs to the phone number one must buy the premium.

Installed didn’t show in settings

Didn’t show up on settings to activate

Installed but not available

Install this on my iPhone six. Despite the fact that messaging Filter unknown senders is turned on Hiya does not show up as one of the available filtering helps. Disappointed

Don’t bother

If you want to know anyone’s name you have to subscribe.


I enjoy how having this app has given me peace of knowing who calls me.

Useless App

Ever since update every number has no name available!

Good at first, bad now

When I first installed the app any calls or prohibited from getting through. I was a good thing because they were spam and tell marketing. Now, months later the app seems to be ineffective because I am getting at least two calls stay away from different parts of the country. They need to fix this.

inadequate at Identifying calls

I like the app. But not that it can not identify most robo calls

Does not work

I still get tons of marketing and scam calls.

Has become totally useless now

It doesn't block or warn against robocallers now. I don't have the paid version but it used to warn me against spammers etc. Now it doesn't do anything. Totally useless.


Doesn’t really work at least the free version. Oh well


Simple and fast. Works well. Thanks


I used to get 5 spam calls a day and would have to manually block them. Hiya has stopped all of those calls from coming through. Thanks Hiya!

Not worth time on iPhone

Does not work well on Apple iPhone. Working for a few weeks then stops! Poor!

Love this app

I no longer needlessly check my phone every time it rings. Hiya takes care of those annoying scam artists and robo calls. The National Cell Phone Registry doesn't work, Hiya does.


The app is garbage. It doesn’t work most of the time (almost always). It does nothing that you can’t do on your own in the same amount of time, like blocking calls. It lets calls through all the time that you have blocked. All it really does well is drain your battery.

same as blocking a call directly from recents.

What is the benefit of this app?

Great app

Considering getting premium, want to try it a little longer to see how effective it is. So far so good!

Recently letting too many spam calls through. In the past shared the app with many. Would not now.

Have used for a while and was very pleased. Now, it does not block/warn when it is spam, etc.

Doesn’t work

Seemed to work so so at first but now it doesn’t even block calls that I have added to the block list. Yes, it is enabled in phone settings but perhaps it has a limit to the numbers in the blocked call list. . . Anyway, not worth the price when it does nothing more (in fact less) than Apples call blocking.


Really no good unless you buy the premium app I guess. Do you shows your number I don’t show you who’s calling Jody what town you’re calling from but not where in town they’re calling for him. Don’t think I’ll take a cancel the premium app. Who knows what it would do? So good luck to you think I’m gonna go ahead and erase it out of my phone!

Mr consumer

Currently I’m still receive two to three spam calls per day. I’m also paying extra for Hiya Premium. Would really like to see some results.

AVOID APP /contact list was taken

AVOID. Since installing, my contact list was compromised. Daily spam used from my contact list by changing a letter on each contact. Very upset HIYA you gave out my contact list.

What happened?

Hiya used to be my go-to app for spam calls. For the last two months it’s been nothing but “No Name Available”

Was good but now...doesn’t work anymore

It was a good app until they released the premium bought upgrade. Now the app doesn’t seem to work, as far as the free version. Used to block all robo calls, and alert me to other spam calls. Now, it lets them all through. Also used to show me the names/company names of the numbers I searched. Now it just says “name available with premium”. I guess they want you to pay for everything they used to offer for free.

Had app for months. Identified 2 calls.

This app is trash. I have had this app for months and it still misses 99% of all spam calls.

Does not do what it says.

I’ve got the app setup to block everything except callers in my contact list, and scammers still get through. Look for something else.

Mrs D

Since you have the premium upgrade to pay for, the original app is basically useless and I won’t be referring any more friends

Upgrade or else!

At first I like this app, but I noticed as time went on it wasn’t blocking calls at all. Also, I would have to copy the phone number and paste it into their site and it would rarely show me if it was spam. It kept saying I needed to upgrade to see more information. Totally bogus.

More texts

Tired of not having calls and texts blocked. How about it working? Doesn’t improve Keep telling me I don’t have auto update on but I do. Fix the software problem

Was good until premium came along

It was great with the basic app it would tell you who’s calling and was very helpful then they rolled out the premium which of course cost money and now they won’t tell you any name or Company’s. So I guess is virtually no point of having this anymore

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