Hiya Caller ID and Block App Bewertungen

Great start

Using it daily. App really helps


It is a great app

Great so far

Update 05/20/2018: After last update I can no longer report new spam calls. When I tick “report” all I get is a blank screen. Three stars until this gets fixed. I have only had the app installed 1 hour and it has already caught a spam call. If this app continues to work like this, it will be the best app I have found for my iPhone in a long time.

Something had changed

I upgraded to premium and the app is not detecting a lot of spam that is already in hiyas data base. I know this since i have copied and pasted a number of unknown callers into hiya and it does then tell me it was spam

Hiya app

Worked great on the free trial. Paid for app and and it identifies about 1 number out of 10.

Not the best...

I own Hiya Premium ($14/yr.)... Great Caller ID (when it works). App only accepts one number to check against Neighborhood Spoof Calls, and does not help if you have more then one number routed to you iPhone. Not sure of the reasoning behind copying a callers number into the Hiya app to get Caller ID?? Hiya needs to display the callers ID when receiving a call, not after, so I can choose to block. So far I’ve had much better experience with other blocking apps and not planning on renewing my subscription. iPhone 7 iOS 11.3.1

Pay for phone lookup

I used this app for many years, successfully help identify numbers I didn’t recognize. HOWEVER it’s unfortunate the service that was performed FOR FREE FOR MANY YEARS REQUIRES ME TO PAY. Uninstalling the app.

Finally no more unwanted calls

This is a great app. I recommend it to anyone who is getting robot calls, sales calls, and telemarketing calls. My unwanted calls have dropped 90%.

Until recently 5 stars

It used to integrate well with the phone application. Hiya identifications appeared in Recent calls list, and switching to Hiya from Phone with number on clipboard, Hiya would offer to look up the number. The only change I’ve made was signing up for Premium. That was a mistake.

This app works.

As title says. It does what it’s supposed to do. My issue was receiving calls every morning with the caller ID showing the first 6 digits as mine. After I installed this app, I placed a spoof call and confirm the call will go directly to voicemail! No more silent/spam callers THANK YOu

Makes life so much easier. No more SPAM calls!

Love the app and HIGHLY recommend. Would be nice to have a feature to automatically report numbers to the FTC

Used to be free

Keep it free. We need to know who is calling and it’s hard to find a good call screening app.

It works.

Installed Hiya a week ago and went to the protect tab to set up my preferences. Prior to installing I was getting around five “neighbor” calls per day. I have had zero since installation. Thanks. Put it on your phone. Now.


Worked well but now is allowing calls clearly labeled telemarketer and scammers to come through.. Major failure....

Not what it’s cracked up to be

I’m still getting calls from spoofed numbers with no caller ID.

Premium BS

This app used to some great value and although had some intermittent flaws and app glitches it was worthy of 3, maybe 4 stars. But, since they changed to a premium service option you can no longer get caller ID or spam blocks like before without getting pushed into buying the premium to see the detail, so basically rendering the app worthless unless you pay. No better than the scammers!

Not worth didley

Multiple calls getting through that when searched show up as reported spam or telemarketers. This ap does not work

Life saver.

This just runs in the background and does what it’s supposed to do, which is to keep pesky calls from getting through. Seems to work great and blocks a lot of calls that would otherwise be annoying.

Stinks that you have to pay for the name.


It only works sometimes

The app often fails to block calls which, when I look them up, are already in their database. That is disappointing and frustrating.

Was good, now bad

Use to be a good app. Not any longer

Great blocker!

It tells you when it finds a telemarketer or something but let’s the phone ring so that you can decide whether you want to answer or not. Works quite well!

pretty good

i’ve used Hiya for years, and In sticking with it. That said, it isn’t perfect. (1) I paid for a premium subscription, but it didn’t seem to change the effectiveness yesterday I dug around in the menus and found my premium feature was no longer enabled in iPhone’s phone settings. I wish Hiya had flagged that on the lookup screen, which is the only screen I see on a regular basis. (2) so I enabled it and set the Hiya protect settings to block spam calls. And then just now, in the middle of a meeting, my phone rang with a spam call. The Hiya note about it said it was spam. I think since I selected to block those, my phone should not have rung. But at least it accurately told me it was spam.


The best one ever!

Great app!

Works great

Must have premium now?!

I’ve been using this app for months and now they require you to pay for premium to see who is calling. Isn’t that the whole original idea? I will be installing immediately.

Blocking calls

HIYA works. HIYA is free. What more would you ask of HIYA?


I found you again after another app said they were replacing you! I love your app sooooo much! Next time something comes up I’ll block them for good!! Works wonderfully and you don’t have to search all over the net to find out who is calling you!! Teller monitors, ROBOCALLS, Spammers, and anyone else you don’t know can’t get through!! IF YOU DONT HAVE IT GET IT!! It has saved me from stress and headaches! ❤️❤️❤️🙂🙂🙂

No Longer Useful

The free version of this app has degraded to a marketing ploy for the premium version. Every attempt to identify a call results is a message to upgrade to the premium service to identify the number. The call blocking feature is also disabled. In short, don’t waste your time.


This rocks!!

Good app until they started charging for previously free info

The app used to tell you who was calling, for free. Then the developers got greedy and started charging for the info. The only thing that’s free is an alert IF a particular number has been reported as a scam.

Good, But Needs Improvement

Sends 90+% of Scammer spammers to VM, but doesn’t allow user defined blocking rules. For example, receiving calls from 555 prefixes for which there are no legit inbound numbers under any area code in the US and likely Canada. Ideally Hiya should have preblocked this number in same manner as the neighbor scam, but failing that let the end-user set up their own filters by AC and/or prefix using wildcards, e.g. ???-555-????, where ? = any number 0-9. Recent update decreased the number of scammer numbers from 200,000+ to 21,000+, what’s up with that?!

Can’t see who is calling anymore??

I’ve been using Hiya for over a year. This app used to be so useful. We could see who was calling, now we have to pay if not we won’t know?? They got too popular now they decided to charge?? Right, like everything, nothing is free. Oh well..... 🙃🙃🙃

Was a 5 star App

This was a 5 star app but ever since they took away the ability to see who is calling/who the number belongs to, and replaced it with a paid subscription, this app has become useless for me. I have instead downloaded another great app that actually allows you to look up information on callers and it’s FREE.


I liked this Ap when I first got it. But now they want me to pay for what they gave to me before. Not happening. Always the Bait and Switch. Probably will just delete the Ap I don’t use it enough to pay for it.

Does Not Always Work

My wife and I bought the Hiya Premium. The app is letting blocked apps through. The people or companies are putting 1-1-800-xxx-xxxx. Even if the 1-800 or 800 number is blocked, it gets past the Hiya app because they are putting 1-1 in front of the number. Maybe Hiya will do an update to fix the problems like that.

Blocking doesn’t work

I’ve tried blocking numbers with this app but it doesn’t work. The calls still come through...

Great app

I purchased the $14.99 yearly cost and it’s been great! No more unwanted calls only calls from my contact list are allowed through. I highly recommend Hiya premium.

Must have app

It works. Plain and simple. I’ve gone from a dozen or more calls a day to one or two a week ( usually a new scam number ). Stop what you are doing and install it now. - update may 2018, since releasing a premium service I’ve seen a drop off on efficiency. Reduced rating from 5 to 4 stars while I recheck the competitors.

My phone is ringing with spam

It wasn’t ringing if it was spam call. Now it is. What has changed?

Needs updating

I feel as if this app is slowly being outnumbered by the spam call attempts. They need to update there data bases more or give us a feature to report new spam numbers

Doesn’t seems to do what it is advertising to do

Tried this for about a week and it does not seem to identify or block robo, fraudulent, or telemarketing phone calls. When I copy the phone number into the search function, it will tell me who the caller is if I upgrade. I don’t see the point of upgrading if it doesn’t do what it is advertising to do.

Doesn’t work on latest iPhone.

Doesn’t work.

I love this app!

This app is great. I highly recommended it. It will notify you of multiple types of callers. Scam,fraud,telemarketer,spoofing. Make it easier to determine if you should answer or send to voicemail and see if they leave a message. You can also type the number in the app and it will show you what it is and if there are any other reported issues with the calling number ie: credit card scam. There’s even an option to allow your phone to reject the call and block it automatically if it a certain type of caller

Still getting a ton of spam calls

Calls that should be blocked are not

Needs to be more thorough

There should at least be an option to lookup caller id of every incoming. If it does not come back registered to a real company or person, do not ring. Is not blocking the local number spoof scam/spam calls.

Doesn't block anything

I've tried this and Mr. Number... They don't block the calls! It recognizes that they are spam or high threat, but the numbers still ring my phone and will sometimes even leave voicemails. I get called everyday, sometimes by as many as 5 different numbers!

Not happy yet

So far I have to do extra to block numbers

Not quite worthless

Only finds names for about 30 percent of numbers. Telemarketers are way out in front of this app

A Great App

Hi you makes my life so much easier. I can look at my phone and know whether I’m going to answer it or not. It is such a relief to block these calls and not have to deal with them anymore.

I'm confused

I loved this app. I have recommended it to everyone and people I don't know who I heard complain about all the unwanted calls they were getting. For the last few weeks when I try to look up a # all I get is unknown. Try premium now for 7 days. What's going on?? Was this just a trial period and I somehow missed that? If so you need to make it more clear like all the other apps! Really disappointed that I've been using this and recommending it now to find out it was a trial period I'm assuming?

Worked at first.... Not anymore.

I downloaded this app 6+ months ago. Worked great at first. I only got one or two spam calls a month, the rest got blocked. I don’t know what happened, but one day about a month ago, it all stopped working. I get calls from scammers and telemarketers ALL the time. Usually when a call would go through before it would at least have the warning symbol with the type of scammer. You guessed it- not anymore. Oh, and also, before they had the whitelist contact option, they blocked my mom from calling me because she was “potential spam”. Though it was after the whitelist option came about that everything else stopped working.... regardless, as of now, not doing so great.

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