Hiya Caller ID and Block App Bewertungen

Great start

Using it daily. App really helps


It is a great app

Works very good

Excellent app

Not working

Didn’t appear Nepal Contact Numbers even the country name while I use. Can’t appear who’s the person callings. I’m new in this app but I’m leaving now. Goodbye .. better to use true caller

They let too many Hiya IDed fraudsters in

Even when caller is IDed by them, they STILL let them ring through

I'm with the reviewer "Doesn't work well..."

...Not QUITE as well as it did on my iPhone 5s. I'm thinking it's not caught up to Apple's latest OS. ??? I DO know it worked much better and exactly the way it was supposed to on my 5s vs my 7. I agree that I have to tap on the app and tap update, as it's no longer automatic. That's not a big deal to me, but I do wish it worked like it did before. It doesn't send calls directly to voicemail like it used to. Some, yes...many, no. I do have my settings as tight as they can be. There also seems to be a very high number of spammers/fraudulent/ telemarketers callers switching to land lines that are traceable but no community reports yet. I have a BUNCH of these calls that do not go directly to VM and no info, other than the seemingly random locations. I don't answer, and no messages are left about 99% of the time. My suggestion for a solution to this: I WISH ...maybe??....HiYa would offer an option to send any number that isn't in my phone directly to VM. IF it is a RoBo call, more than likely it will play long enough for VM to pick up part of it, and then I know for sure. If it is a legitimate business call, they'll leave a message, anyway. The biggest aggravation is the fact my phone rings a whole lot more just b/c of these hang-up calls. It would be nice if they were silenced and sent to VM immediately. Of, course they come at VERY inopportune times! I still give this app 3 STARS. It IS the best app I've experienced so far. None of the others have worked this well, and I'm grateful to have found it. Maybe it will catch up to the latest Apple OS soon, and it will start working on my 7 like it did on my 5s. Every time there is an update on HiYa, it doesn't seem to address the issues. In fact, the issues seem to be growing. ??? It's hard to say, exactly, why. I know I've not upgraded my OS on my phone. I'm afraid to for many reasons. IF it could just get back to how it worked on my 5s! That would boost it to 5 stars for me.

Excellent App

This app is GREAT!! Having the opportunity to see identification of numbers instantly without having to pick up is tremendous.

Highly recommend!!! Love this app!

I’ve used HIYA because I was getting all those annoying calls and now I recommend it to all my patients and friends because I know it works! A true blessing in the sea of scams!

It’s Ok but -

The best thing would be if you could block calls with a wildcard after the exchange like 630-302-*. I keep getting calls with the same exchange as my number but with various 4 digits as the remainder of the number. They are all bogus calls.

Awesome on Android. Not so much on iPhone.

Apple restricts how this app works, so it has limited use on iPhone, which is too bad, because it's great on Android.

Please Fix

That used to work right now all of the sudden I’m being ambushed by text spammers and robo calls.

Great ap

This app works wonder filtering out unwanted calls!



H review

This app has been immensely helpful. I still feel I do not know how to use it. How do I get get my friends, that I want to hear from, off the review list? Have they been cut off from calling me? How do I unblock? How do I get further educated? Thank you.

Blocked calls

I like the app but I wish it would just straight block certain calls from even coming through. If you already know it’s a telemarketer just block it. Also anyone the blocks a phone number I would like that number blocked.

What an app

Great to have the upper hand over the scammers, telemarketers, etc. Wouldn’t it be a cool feature for the app to answer the call and tie them up with a voice response to waste their time. But, still love this app


Sometimes it doesn’t allow you to look up a phone number and I wish there was a ability to leave your name your email address and phone number so if somebody wants to call you and ask you about a review you posted on the phone number they can also it would be great to have the Ability to post a picture on there if somebody’s harassing you and you have there face picture that would help a lot

Great program

I highly recommend using this free program! It helps screen caller identification so you know more about the mystery caller!

Repeat callers

I’m frustrated that I still get called by numbers that I have supposedly blocked. I assumed that if a caller is blocked, I should not have further calls 😳


I love the app because it has helped me so many times to see if I should answer or not and identified calls I didn’t answer.

Spam magnet

For six years on my iPhone I receive an average of four spam calls a year. I did want an app that would let me know who was calling. Since using Hiya and enabling full call protection I receive an average of 10 spam calls a day. Half of those calls ring through to my phone. When I check them against the hiya the app, it identifies them as known spam callers but doesn't block them? I am wondering if hiya isn't working both sides of the fence and selling gathered information through their app to Telemarketer's. I have messaged hiya but they refuse to return my emails. Update since Hiya insists that I return my opinion. It’s been a year since my last review and I continue to receive telemarketer calls above my average. At the moment most calls come from a number that hiya identifies as a regular person. The two main Telemarketer’s that have been calling insist that they are doing a wireless security survey in the area and they have 10 units for me, or that they are with a vacation firm and want to sell me if Acacian based something.

Hiya app evaluation

Works great. Has helped me avoid numerous scammers and telemarketers.

Great concept - INVASIVE privacy policy

As terrific as this concept is (and it DOES work), this company’s privacy policy should be illegal, or at least banned by the Apple Store. Hiya downloads ALL your Contacts info (notes, emails, addresses, names, not just phone numbers), and it’s policy asserts the right to KEEP and USE your contact info even after you cease using the app!


Like this app, but wish it worked a little better part of the problem is my phone.

Great App

Highly informative and easy to use.


This app is awesome


Works perfectly.

Great product

I love this app


Love this app!

Doesn't block known spam calls that are known to app


Super useful!

I’m obsessed, can’t stop searching my inbound calls on this.


Dose not block telemarketers


This service is wonderful. I had a company call me over and over again and b4 I blocked the number I typed it in Hiya . They pegged it FRAUD. I love this APP

Love this app but...

Love this app but since it last updated it won’t allow me to use it and says it’s updating... Kept it open “updating” for 20 minutes and it never stopped. 😕

Love this App!

Hiya tells u its Spam. Blocks the calls. Labels the number whilst it’s ringing as High Medium or Low Spam treat level. So happy my Nephew turned me on to this App. Cudo's!


Freaking awesome!!! Saved me more then once from scams and telemarketing people!!! Thanks hiya!!!!!!!!

Works great


Thank you !!

The solution to all those calls that bother me! Now I only hear from people I want to connect with! Wonderful!




Working great for me but some numbers still does not register to any name

Use this app daily

Since being on the "Do Not Call" list means nothing anymore, this app is very useful to screen those unwanted calls. I literally use it everyday.

Sick it to the scammers!!

I absolutely love this app! Thank you to the developers. I hardly EVER get spam or telemarketing calls!


Hiya has completely changed my telephone experience and made life more tolerable. I was constantly inundated with unwanted phone calls and Hiya has blocked them all. Thank you!!

Great App

I have told many friends about HIYA. Such a great help identifying spoof and spam calls on my IPHONE. Keep up the great job!

Great tool

It is a great tool to ascertain who is calling you. It helps me identify who is calling me and if the number is a scam. Not all results are accurate but is does work.


App crashes when opened. Still crashes when opened. FIX IT!!!!

Ok app

Still receive calls on the block list even though have selected refuse call send to voice mail while on the block list.

Does it Work?

Seems like it doesn’t always work?



Great app!

This is really a great help identifying garbage phone calls, especially when I’m already on a call.



Last update is horrible

All numbers say no match

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