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doesn’t allow international look up!!


It works

Installed app and no more unknown callers. GREAT!


I love the lookup feature. I love that the app builds its database from multiple sources including our feedback. Recommending to my friends.

Always Watching

The latest version of HIYA is the best. Now my phone barely rings unless it’s a spoof number but then I report the number so everyone will be a bit safer from so many scams.

Doesn’t work

It doesn’t seem to work. It worked for a small amount of time, but now it never notifies me of spam calls. They get through just like I don’t even have the app.


This is a useful utility for dealing with nuisance sales calls, or people who can’t wrap their head around the idea that they typed a contact’s number incorrectly. My only gripe is that if I type a number in to identify the caller, and decide I want to block it, I have to remember and retype the number — no way to just press a “block” button to add it to the black list.

Beyond the best

I love this app. It stops a lot of those annoying phone calls. I love it when I already know it’s a scam calling.


Very helpful to screen scam calls


If you’re plagued Daily with spam, scam & fraud calls, you need this app! My frantic & stressed life has become much more at ease since adding Hiya — it’s easy to navigate, and even sends alert(s) when it detects scam, fraud, telemarketer and robocalls.

Great results

Automatically Flags the majority of spammers

Almost perfect except for neighbor scams

In general I am very pleased with the app. Only one problem: For some time now I am getting inundated with phone calls whose number matches the first four digits of mine. The calling number changes with every call. The only way to recognize those calls is by specifying a pattern that should be blocked. Hiya does not have such a feature and I had to install a second blocker app that supports phone number patterns. FYI, I have an out of state number and I am not expecting any calls from that state anyway.

Just What the Dr. Ordered!

Instant relief for the stress of not being able to “reach out and touch” the throats of robo, spam, boiler room, etc. callers to shut them up!!

Block doesn’t work. Often fails to flag spam.

I’ll frequently get a call that this doesn’t flag as spam/fraud when the call is ringing, that if I go lookup afterward is plainly marked as spam/fraud. I added a number to my block list yesterday, and just had another call come through today from that number. Opened the all again and confirmed that that number was infact still on the block list. Sometimes works, but this app literally has one job and fails at it regularly. Deleting to try another CallKit app.

Wife phone would not ring in.

I had this app for around 6 months and telemarketing calls cut down considerably. But all of a sudden my wife’s and son’s phone would not ring into mine like they were blocked. After 4 different calls to Att finally resolved by removing the app. First we removed all the blocked numbers that were even similar to theirs, then removed all the blocked numbers. Nothing helped till I removed the app. Then the telemarketing calls started again. I’m reinstalling the app and hopefully will be more careful about allowing who and what numbers are blocked in the future.


So glad a friend recommended this amazing app so I can stop the harassing robo calls and telemarketing calls. The app works, try it you will love it and it’s free.

So far so so

I had a text that slipped through the cracks. I turned on the SMS filtering on Monday and the text came through today from ‭+1 (850) 695-0980‬. Is there a way I can block texts that come from unknown numbers be it 10 digit or 5???

Great App For Detecting Spam

I love the app it does identify spam calls.

This is great

Hope the hackers don’t figure it out!

Loves this app

I loves this app. I don’t know how I lived without it. Being single, I don’t answer call that aren’t in my contacts and this helps me identify who’s calling.


This is pretty much a required app at this point. I get about 6 scam or spam calls a day anymore and at least they don't ring my phone with this. They've been good about keeping it up to date and adding features as well. I have reservations about a free program that performs a service; I assume they're gathering and selling user info to at least some extent. It does what it says on the box though.


Love this app! Only thing I wish it would capture the numbers instead of my typing them all in. The ones that are already identified as scam or same 6 numbers of cell would be good if there was a way for them to Automatically flow over to hiya. But, I def can do it 😊.


Worked well but now is allowing calls clearly labeled telemarketer and scammers to come through.. Major failure....

Needs work

Not catching majority of spam calls

Finally! Peace and quiet!

This app truly has allowed me to take my phone back from the scammers! I used to receive many calls per week from a variety of scammers and now my phone is silent except for legitimate calls. Highly, highly recommend this app for everyone!

Adequate but not the best

Easy to use (blocking, etc) but not very efficient in identifying callers. It seems the best they can do is give you the state and maybe the city where the call originated- but this you already know by area code. In spite of “fixes” blocked calls still get through.


Awesome app. Love it!

I’d like it better if…

Hiya works well about 65% of the time, which is very impressive. I’d like it better if it acted as a caller ID on all incoming calls.

Superb solution to spammers and robocalls.

Does a great job of identifying potential scammers and blocking known ones. Updates daily. Allows blocking.


Not one bit of help... phone is blowing up with calls

Saved my sanity

I was getting about 10+ calls a day from telemarketers, scam artists, and phone spoofers. I’ve had the same phone number for almost 18 years and was considering changing it. I downloaded this app and set it to block calls flagged as spam/spoof and have not gotten one single unwanted call. While the app doesn’t block the calls, it sends them to voicemail, so on the off chance it blocks a legit call, they can just leave you a voicemail. So happy I installed. Even got it for my mom as well.


Cut down on the nuisance calls that make it through

Great app

Does what it says!

Problem fixed! :)

Thank you for fixing this app! The app is now updating the scam & spam updates correctly on the iPhone app version. Yay:)

I like it.

This app is awesome. It’s quick and keeps me away from spam.


Thank you! I looooove knowing what those numbers are that I don’t answer. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Works sometimes

Sometimes it doesn’t work i can’t write or see reviews from others and I answer some calls but surprise some scammers calling.

Great App

Nice knowing when not to answer a call specially when it local. Not always a 888 number anymore!!


I use to get about 5 Calls a day from spammers, debt collectors and scammers! Since I installed this app. 0 calls! My phone is no longer ringing all day long! Amazing!




Works well


I receive several nuance calls every day while I am working. Hiya has saved me time when a call comes in by alerting me right away that it is spam, etc. With new customers calling me I can’t send all unknown calls to voicemail but wish I could.

Hiya means ByeYa...

... as in, GoodBye to unwanted calls coming in to my cell phone. I’ve tried other apps & methods, including signing up on donotcall.gov (which seemed to do nothing!) Hiya has more controls, options, is user friendly & will identify callers, an option for which I now pay a monthly fee. (was paying!) So, this free app does more than apps for which I was paying & is more user friendly. What a deal. Thanks Hiya

Great App

Hiya does an great job for free. It is great now but as time goes buy I can see it becoming even more powerful. I am amazed it is a free app.

Like spam

Keeps asking for reviews. Doesn’t stop or identify any spam phone calls, but keeps asking, “do you like me”, very annoying.


At least block some

Very helpful!

I would give 5 stars but for some reason numbers that I’ve already blocked still the game ring through on my phone.


Needs an “answer bot” feature to compete with Robokiller! But this app is free so I use this one instead. Blocks unwanted calls 99% of the time, occasionally one or a few will get through and ring my phone; even though I have all 3 call category options under the “Options” button selected to “Block (send to voicemail)”. So far this issue, in my experience, only happens to the calls marked as “Telemarketer”. If you have ATT wireless service in the US, this app is great to also use alongside their free ATT call protect app. I like the option of sending any type of bad/flagged call to voicemail but I also wish there was a way to just simply block them without allowing them to leave annoying messages. The number of annoying voicemail messages received might go up as the unwanted callers start to realize that this is slowly becoming their only option. Other than that, this is an absolute life saver. I have used this Hiya app for a year and occasionally an iOS update or app update will break things and Hiya will become unreliable from time to time but they are usually quick about fixing and responding to issues. The developers of this app are very supportive and seem to have an on going attitude that the app will forever be supported by them, which is extremely important!!! Please note that you should allow it to have access to your contacts and allow it to enable push notifications. This is clearly explained many times when installing the app. I suspect that some of the overly negative reviewers are not fully enabling the proper app permissions in order to maximize the potential for the app to actually work for them.

Flawless but could use contacts tab

I’m loving it. Works very well. I would like a way to access contacts in the app.

Amazing difference

This app really cuts down on nuisance calls. It’s gone from six a day to one every couple of weeks. Thanks Hiya!

So far so good!

I’ve used this for about a week with good results. It has accurately flagged bogus calls, even the neighbor calls that spoof the first 6 digits of my number. I get important work calls for health/safety concerns, so I can’t waste time getting calls on numbers similar mine that are scams. I’ve chosen to have it show me calls that it flagged, so I can’t comment on the function to simply screen them that I don’t see them calling in. This is my favorite new app. If Hiya can make this work, why can’t the phone companies do this too?

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