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Buggy, works okay

UPDATE: Every few months the “block” setting turns itself back to “warn” and calls start coming through again. I tried contacting Hiya support to report the bug, but they never replied to me. It also stops updating itself once in a while, even though I enabled it to run in the background and to allow push notifications. I don’t think any of the call blocking apps are perfect, but I’m frustrated with the bugs in Hiya. ORIGINAL REVIEW: To be honest, I have no idea if it's actually working because Apple does not provide any way to know if calls are actually getting blocked. That being said, I haven't had a single spam/scam call since installing Hiya! I was previously getting 4 to 5 calls per day, sometimes many more. I can only assume that means Hiya is working and doing an amazing job!

This app is a lifesaver

I almost never get robocalls anymore, or “neighbor spoofing.”

Works well

Works well but some calls come thru


I am blown away with how well this works. I use to get tons of fake calls now I barely get any. They consistently update the number list!

Great App!

I absolutely love this app. Since my wife and me installed the app, our scam calls have reduced big time! Not to mention that by how I answer my phone now puts me back in charge. Thanks Hiya!

Good, except...

Lately I get an annoying pop up to update the call database. Clicking on the app results in a message that I shouldn’t force close the app. I’m not. I leave it running in the background. I used to not get this message. Background app refresh is on.

Really good and works

It works not lieing

iOS 12 problems

Doesn’t seem to block any calls. Can’t add numbers to block list. Keeps saying “Please enter a valid number.” YouMail is catching more spam/scams than hiya.

Does what it says

Easy app that helps identify and block spam calls

Doesn’t seem to do anything lately

Hiya was great when I first downloaded it. Telemarketers were blocked and I wasn’t bothered. Now however it doesn’t seem to stop any calls even though Hiya appears to be aware that they are spam when I look them up, so I don’t know what the point of this app is now. I’ve tried blocking numbers individually and manually but this is tedious and largely a waste of time since telemarketers rarely seem to use the same number more than once.

By far the best spam blocker for IPhone X

I gotta say I’ve tried other spam phone blocking apps and this app actually works!!

gôd app

good app

Not stopping but increased calls

Like some others, I was receiving several unwanted calls then got hiya and the calls seemed to stop or slow. After several updates, the calls started more frequently. Frustrated, I removed the app and the calls stopped, maybe not all but definitely not the number. I would remove the app and I would bet that your number of unwanted calls will slow if not stop completely.

Tus is a great app

I highly recommend it

Not thrilled

Does not work and it keeps pushing you to pay for the premium subscription.

Increasing my productivity

So helpful in cutting down the amount of junk calls I get per day

Works on iPhones and Android

I have used the Hiya app for over two years - great app. I use it on both my Android and iPhone - highly recommended

Great App!

Love this app!!! I have been able to avoid sooo many unwanted callers! Thank You HIYA!

Doesn’t work

This app is terrible. Doesn’t block anything. I want my money back!


Useless app.

Great app

Warns me about spam and telemarketers.

Didn’t work

I bought this app to stop the daily robo calls. I get. I installed it in the morning and had 2 robo calls by noon. I removed the app from my phone.

Pretty much useless

App used to be great, now it’s just another useless money grab subscription service. Also, the constant notifications to open the app and update the list just to get you to visit the app more are pointless since it doesn’t really do anything to protect/stop spam calls.

Got multiple SPAM Calls after setting up Hiya Premium...

There is nothing premium about this product and it makes me think they are either selling your information or it is being stolen. I made sure to add the area spoofing too...complete waste of money

Not too effective

Sorry, but this app keeps asking me to upgrade to premium. I just want an app that will stop all the spam calls, simply and effectively. This isn’t it (in my opinion).



Works perfectly

The day I installed this app was the end of my Robocall hell. For over a year I was getting more junk calls than legitimate, with the majority being the local-type that purport to be within the same area code/prefix. Elated, I decided to trial the premium service because many of my legitimate calls aren’t necessarily in my contact list and Caller ID is the primary selling point of premium. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out as well...not a single call was flagged with Caller ID at the time it rang but the info was available after-the-fact assuming I pasted it in and looked it up. (It then attached the info to the call log). But that isn’t the way premium is supposed to function, so I turned off renewal and declined to purchase the annual subscription. If he product is confirmed to be functioning I would have no problem purchasing as $15/yr is more than fair IMO and I believe developers should be compensated for their work. All this being said, I don’t understand why so many are having problems with the app. Perhaps they didn’t activate blocking in Settings or habitually force-close the app. One annoyance is the app often sends a msg stating it needs to be manually updated because it wasn’t able to do so itself (and the message assumes it’s been force-closed.)


This app helps.

Not sure it’s worth it

The app seems to turn itself off or gets turned off with update requiring me to turn it back on.

Great App

Works as described. I can answer my phone in peace finally!!!


Not worth a crap on an iPhone waste of money don’t bother with it

Was great, now good

I loved Hiya on my Android, wish it would do better on my apple device

Did not work

I got the primium version and it did not work once.

Best way to curb the RoboCalls

This app has saved me a great deal of aggravation from spam and RoboCalls. Highly recommend!

Update took away features. Now completely USELESS!

The app used to be better but has declined in its usefulness as it now doesn’t give out information like before as to who is calling, often times just saying “no name available” or that you can get a name if you have the premium version. Adding to the frustration, it gives one the opportunity to block fraudulent calls, but then doesn’t block the numbers, thereby allowing the calls to come through. Useless.

Spam call

Should be free

Hiya review

Very good app, does what I need.

App went down hill

This app used to be good. After some changes I started getting more spam calls. All the numbers I tried looking up were unavailable. I decided to delete this app off my phone

Still fails to work in iOS 12

This app doesn’t load into the call blocking lists half the time in iOS 12. Because of that, it’s become useless.

Not perfect but it’s the best

I’ve tried several free phone apps. I like this one best because it updates automatically and it will identify scammers who try to replicate my phone exchange number (when caller ID shows the first three digits of my phone number)

Doesn’t cover spoof numbers

I’m getting lots of calls from a couple of specific area codes but always a different number. These telemarketers are spoofing legitimate numbers. Hiya doesn’t block spoofed numbers unless I manually block each and everyone of them. But of course the numbers aren’t used twice, so this app is worthless to me.

This app does nothing

App is a scam. Just a stealing money. I get the same if not more calls. DID NOTHING

No change

I have not noticed a reduction in calls from scammers. I update their database regularly and have it set to block all spam calls, but I still get 2-3 per day. I moved a few years ago and the only numbers with my area code that I want to be able to reach me are already contacts, but I get calls from unknown numbers daily Gave it 2 Stars in case it’s having an effect that I’m not aware of

Extremely happy

This has been a wonderful app. I stopped answering calls that take up my time.

Great but not perfect!

This app is great and I do believe has prevented an excess of scam calls - I still get one that slips through every now and then, but far less than before.

Doesn’t allow me to access the phone history

It would hv been better if it allows us to add spam call from our phone history.

Worked for a while

The idea is great but the execution is poor. When the app updates you have to go into settings and re-enable the app. This application rarely works. Calls coming from blocked numbers still come through. The application claims it will run if left open but it doesn’t. Use the free version if you must but do not pay for the premium service. It’s a waste of your money.

Useless. 99% of numbers are name unavailable.

99 % of numbers say name unavailable

This app is garbage

Ever since installing this app I went from very few spam calls to a ton of them in less than 3 days of having it. I’m pretty certain it’s just collecting all of your and your contacts info. Don’t download this app or spend any money on them.

Not great

I still get a ton of calls. Nomorobo call was way better I’m going to have to switch back

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